Hamari Bahu Silk 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ayi changed into happy and appreciates that Pakhi received the entirety. She got a residence and a job in 3 days’ time. Pakhi says even though they should regulate to stay right here, they may. Ayi asks Pakhi if she lied here as nicely, then asks what drama they’ll have to do to stay here.

the next morning, Pakhi wakes Ayi and signs and symptoms Bhajan. She walks across the corridors of the house with Aarti thaal. The younger man changed into yawning in the other corridor and became stunned to see Pakhi there. Mamta and Ayi stood in the front of the temple nook of Pakhi’s room collectively. Pakhi turns to take their blessings. Mamta blesses her, and praises her voice. She introduces herself as Mamta, Baa’s daughter in law. They offer her a seat. Mamta tells them to take care of water, its stops at 7am.

Pakhi reveals Baa sitting inside the yard.

She greets Baa with Jai Shree Krishna and takes a depart. The young guy additionally turns to leave. He says an vehicle corporation called him for his or her merchandising profile photograph-shoot. Baa curtly spots his torn denims. He silently takes a leave.
Pakhi turned into waiting outside a espresso store.

At Natasha’s location, Natasha had thrown the entirety around the house. She turned into crying if Kapadia could replace her. She has 5 M followers in the Instagram, she has 1 lac subscribers on YouTube. Aakash tells her to forestall this, else her voice could get worse. Natasha shouts at Aakash that he’s a failure. Aakash handles her tantrums and takes her into her room. He locks the door of the room from outdoor. Pakhi asks Aakash if he should go domestic. Aakash asks if it’s a national holiday; she should live lower back and contend with Natasha. He tells Pinky to come alongside for a exposure stunt now. Natasha cried from inside the room. Pakhi wonders what sort of a voice it’s miles that they’re behind. Natasha in the end falls asleep. Pakhi silently walks to the room. Her smartphone bell earrings right now, she hurries out of doors the room. It changed into her Kaka. Pakhi changed into livid over him. She makes a decision to tease him a lot this time. She speaks in a modified voice. She comes to the mike gadget, and speaks to Kaka in a seducing voice. Natasha wakes up as the voice plays over the sound gadget. Kaka demanded the cope with. Natasha’s head banged at the same time as she sits up and attempts to spot whose voice it changed into. Pakhi instructed Kaka she got here to Mumbai for a enterprise installation, she wishes his robust shoulders for her aid.

Natasha eventually walked out of the room however Pakhi had walked away from the mike system, into the opposite room. She looks around the alternative rooms. Pakhi turned into bowled over to hear the footsteps and hides inside the washroom. Natasha couldn’t spot every person inner.

Aakash and Pinky go back domestic. Natasha tells him about hearing the voice they have been seeking out.

Pakhi asks Kaka to come to Mumbai now, we are able to meet right here soon.

Aakash tells Natasha to get ready, they ought to cross for the picture shoot for social media stunt. Pakhi hears the voice and springs out of doors. Aakash asks in which she were. Pakhi says she was in washroom. Natasha persuade Aakash she is telling the truth. Aakash assures he has got some extra voice samples for Kapadia. Downstairs, Natasha and Pinky take their seats. Pinky tells Pakhi she will must rent an vehicle to reach the studio, she doesn’t have the permission to take a seat with Natasha yet. Pakhi takes an vehicle. on the manner, the automobile changed into out of order. Natasha changed into angry with the aid of the excessive temperature. Pakhi stops her automobile, and asks Pinky if the auto went out of order. Natasha asks if her call is Pakhi, she have to show her worth and get her a automobile. Pakhi suggests about reserving a cab. Pinky claims it to be extremely Low fashionable. Pakhi prays for a person to come back for his or her assist.

PRECAP: Natasha offers Pakhi a time of two days to get the girl by listening her voice. Pakhi turned into shocked to listen this.


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