Hamari Bahu Silk 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pakhi asks the showroom supplier to deliver her husband inside the crimson blouse from inner, meanwhile she can have a check ride of the automobile. She drives the automobile to Natasha. The young man (Baa’s grandson) become known as outdoor.

Natasha gets within the car with Pakhi. She gets a call from Aakash that Kapadia isn’t satisfied, and it seems they could lose the film. Natasha shouts she will lose her existence, but now not this movie. She shouts at Aakash to discover that lady.
The younger man comes outdoor. the automobile proprietor doesn’t allow him depart as his spouse has taken his automobile.

Pakhi comes to the studio. She reveals that everything there has been fake. Natasha receives dressed up in brief health club garments. She feels shy by way of Natasha’s poses.

The younger man changed into caught by using the car showroom supplier. They accuse the young

guy as his wife stole their automobile. The younger guy turned into offensive and says he doesn’t recognise where their car is, he isn’t even married.
Pakhi turns her face away and goes to a nook, whilst Natasha was giving some photographs with the bathrobe. She makes a decision to jot down her invoice for these days. She makes a total of 210, it will price her 6 thousand an entire month. She become concerned how she will be able to manipulate all this.

inside the makeup room, Natasha shouts at Aakash that he has been not able to discover the lady for days now. Aakash now shouts at Natasha that this movie is equally important for her. He has tried his level first-class to find that girl but nobody is aware of about it. It became Natasha’s blunder that she played that voice in front of Kapadia. Pakhi walks into the room. She says she has something critical to say to Natasha. She says Natasha handiest employed her for 20 thousand, however she stored her twice. She additionally has to send the automobile again to showroom. Natasha says she can appoint her permanently, and will enhance her earnings by 7 thousands; but best if Pakhi can locate her a voice. She performs the video. Pakhi changed into shocked to hear her own voice. Natasha takes her attention and forbids Pakhi to stop staring her in the video, she is aware of she is warm. She shouts at Pakhi to get out, and not to return if with out the lady with this voice. Pakhi walks out of the studio.

Ratti congratulates Pakhi as she has were given lots pleasure. Pakhi says she have to discover her very own voice in two days. If she has to store her PA activity, the world will hear the filthy strains of Natasha in her voice. Ratti was irritated that it’s all because of Pakhi. Pakhi cries and hugs Ratti that she is helpless, she dislikes the job however can’t depart it. She receives a call from an uncle, he asks if she were given the letter of interview. Pakhi asks whilst the interview changed into, they’ve modified the house. Her uncle says the interview become now, Pakhi can try her good fortune there. Pakhi reaches the interview venue within the vehicle of showroom. Pakhi prays she has come to Baba’s workplace for the interview, she have to get the job. A peon Bhao recognizes Pakhi. She says she came for the interview. Bhao says there is no risk, she is late for interview now. Pakhi convinces him to do something, she were given the letter extraordinarily late. Bhao is going inner with her letter, for a strive. Pakhi prays to Baba for a few assist. Pakhi became called into the office.

in the course of the interview, the interviewer maintains some papers of Pakhi. He says it become properly to meet her, they’d learned plenty from her father. Pakhi changed into pleased outside that she got the process in her Baba’s organisation. She decides to go back the car now and congratulates herself for the process.

They young guy have been saved captive on a chair together with his mouth taped. He convinces them that he is a photographer and belongs to an amazing circle of relatives. The police arrive. The younger man become clueless what they are speaking about. he’s a photographer. The inspector tells Hawaldar to take him in their van. Pakhi comes to the showroom. She instead shouts for the supervisor, she says she can complain on social media in opposition to their automobile. It took her hours to get it repaired, then she had to name her husband. The supervisor brings the young man and asks if that is how her husband appears. Pakhi was stunned to look him.

PRECAP: Kapadia tells Natasha to get the signatures of the voice. Natasha gives Pakhi a reminder name.


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