Hamari Bahu Silk 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pinky says he would really like if she comes alongside, then emotionally blackmails Ayi that her face resembles his mom. Ayi has the same opinion to come back alongside and prevents an car.

Pakhi gets a video message of Ayi and Pinky together within the auto, then at Natasha’s rental. Pakhi changed into tensed and tries Ayi’s variety however it changed into switched off. She receives a name from Natasha and shouts at Natasha. Natasha says Pakhi shouldn’t shout, as her Ayi is kidnapped. She tells Pakhi to do as she says, her Ayi could live keep then. She tells Pakhi to return to the Neel Kamal studio, the shooting is commencing again.

Mosmi changed into in the kitchen and tells Rimjhim to attain the Neel Kamal station, Naksh is coming to take her. Pakhi comes asking about Naksh, however Mosmi says he isn’t domestic. She arms Mosmi the money owed papers to be passed to Baa, so that Ketan fills it on line. Mosmi thinks Pakhi will now be in problem.

Pinky indulges Ayi within the apartment. He suggests Ayi his mom’s picture. Ayi makes him comfy. Ayi takes a depart however Pinky requests her to let him cook dinner some thing for her. He used to prepare dinner for her mom and she cherished it. Ayi is of the same opinion to have meals with him.

in the studio, Kapadia introduces the solid to media. He silently warns Natasha now not to speak till her dubbing artist is here. He asks Natasha if her artist is coming over, or they tried to double go him.
Naksh reach the Neel Kamal station and appears for the female in photograph. He comes close to her but the girl feels offensive. He calls her as Rimjhim. Rimjhim gathers round a crowds that this man tried to bother her.
Pakhi reaches the studio and looks worried. Natasha involves Pakhi. She asks about her Ayi at which Natasha replies Pakhi need to abide by her needs if she wants her Ayi secure.

Naksh clarifies that he has come to take Rimjhim. Rimjhim asks why he didn’t inform her in advance, what if he have been beaten up.

Natasha persuade Pakhi to wear a short western get dressed. Pakhi became furious and threatens to name the police. Natasha tells her to be cautious, Pinky is cooking for her Ayi and may harm her as nicely. Pakhi is of the same opinion to come back alongside Natasha for the clicking convention but felt visibly uncomfortable in the quick get dressed. The media journalists call for some stills from the shoot. Aakash guarantees to offer them with the stills in a while. Kapadia takes the idea and suggests about taking a few photographs in live dubbed voice of Pakhi.

Baa reads the paperwork. Mamta says Pakhi is extremely sensible female. Mosmi says Pakhi become simplest in a hurry and left the papers together with her. Baa became furious and says she ruined the whole lot, in which is she.

Pakhi dubs a scene for Natasha. absolutely everyone become appreciative of the voice, Kapadia calls it as perfect as silk. Natasha tells Pakhi to head home now, her Ayi ought to have reached home. Pakhi calls on Ayi’s telephone. Ayi replies she is domestic. Pakhi became involved and asks if she is pleasant. Ayi was quizzical why Pakhi is tensed. Natasha curtly says that she can also fulfil her guarantees.

Pakhi comes home and hugs her Ayi inside the kitchen. Ayi notices she turned into tensed and crying. Pakhi says she was trying Ayi’s range, where she had gone. Ayi says she met a boy within the marketplace, he tried to save her and harm himself. Pakhi thinks about Pinky’s video. Pakhi asks Ayi if she could cross anywhere with all and sundry, she was extraordinarily tensed for Ayi. Ayi smiles and promises now not to move everywhere once more. She asks Pakhi about Ashram’s fund. Pakhi says the paintings is nearly carried out. Baa comes scolding Pakhi, and says the entirety changed into ruined. It turned into a incorrect entry, and she had to get it completed once more. The time exceeded and now she got a first-class of Rs. 10,000/-. she will be able to take the money from Pakhi now.

PRECAP: The director demands Natasha to name Pakhi on sets each day, Natasha’s voice isn’t suitable and they will ought to take multiple retakes else. Kapadia tells them to set up all of the capturing as consistent with Pakhi’s dates. Later, Aakash asks Natasha how she will convey Pakhi now.


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