Hamari Bahu Silk 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pakhi wonders why she feels involved for Naksh. he is her friend. She comes to the temple and asks God if she is proper. Naksh should sense that Rimjhim is the lady; she loves Naksh and it’s her remaining desire to get his love.
Naksh stood in the front of the reflect in his room. He thinks his coronary heart and mind are declaring in a different way. He didn’t experience in any respect in his assembly along with her, what he feels over the phone name.

Pakhi thinks Naksh isn’t her love, and doesn’t even bear in mind her a pal. however Rimjhim loves him dearly. She should never allow him realize the fact. She thinks regardless of what, Naksh is an vital part of her existence.

Naksh also thinks that the voice is an fundamental a part of his life now. He ought to accept as true with that it’s Rimjhim’s voice.
Natasha wakes up in his condo at the hoop of doorbell. Pinky and Aakash doesn’t respond over her calls. She is going to open the door, it turned into Pakhi. Pakhi walks interior and asks about Pinky and Aakash. None turned into at home. She tells Natasha she got here to see her fitness, she might be distressed due to an off from the shooting. She gives to easy up kitchen and make coffee for Natasha. Natasha thinks she has offered Pakhi’s self-respect with the money, and lay back to sleep on sofa. Pakhi goes to the important thing holder but one among it fells on the floor. Natasha wakes up, however Pakhi lies that she got here over to select up the newspaper. She takes mark of Natasha’s rental’s keys.
Rimjhim brings coffee for Naksh. Naksh notices its 7.15am, must he call her 7.15. Rimjhim became clueless. Naksh had to mention the reason at which Rimjhim nods. Naksh speaks to Rimjhim that he doesn’t feel the form of connection with her as on smartphone. Rimjhim says he ought to be trying her to speak in her modified voice; she can talk in that voice for him all the time. Naksh become without delay prepared, and needs her to begin proper away. Rimjhim was greatly surprised at the belief, and fakes to have a sore throat. Pakhi comes there and sends Rimjhim downstairs. Naksh and he or she has an issue. Pakhi turns around and the espresso cup fells over Naksh’s arm. She straight away involves throw a tumbler of water over her arm; Naksh shouts that its warm water and tells her to depart him on my own. Pakhi’s bag had fallen meanwhile. at the same time as she gathers her matters, she leaves the soap with the important thing mark in Naksh’s room.

inside the room, Rimjhim asks Pakhi what else that they had mentioned. Pakhi says she informed him that she noticed his photographs on social media. She told him about her favourite dishes, and he shared the images after cooking them. Rimjhim finds this all extremely boring, and tells Pakhi to speak about some thing exciting from now onwards. Pakhi become checking her bag and wonders in which she left the cleaning soap.

In Naksh’s room, he had simply slipped over the soap when Pakhi enters and preserve him in her palms. She spots the soap at the floor, leaves Naksh immediately with a jerk and stuffs the cleaning soap in her bag. Naksh became greatly surprised at her conduct. Pakhi realizes later on. Naksh shouts at Pakhi if this became a few trick towards him, that he need to slip over the soap. Pakhi mockingly replies Naksh never keeps anyone’s favors so does Pakhi; he made her fall in kitchen and she reciprocated.

Aakash reaches Natasha’s condo. Natasha turned into ingesting junk food. Aakash asks Natasha why she is gambling together with her health, she places on plenty of weight with all this. Natasha became irritated that there is no movie proper now. Aakash tells Natasha he went to Kapadia’s office and found out that a person gave cash to employees to elongate the strike. Natasha shouts at Aakash to find out who wants to close her film.

Pakhi comes to a key maker with the cleaning soap. She gives her number to the keymaker.

PRECAP: Pakhi speaks to Naksh on call as Silk. She turned into mountain climbing the stairs, whilst Naksh coming down. each confront each other.


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