Hamari Bahu Silk 15th August 2019 Written Episode Update

Pakhi reviews she had heard the laborers conversing with one another that they didn’t get their installments for quite a long time, yet they need cash even to strike. Pakhi had come inside and gives them the cash Natasha had given her. She says she is additionally a laborer like them; and the cash originates from their diligent work; they should strike for their rights. Pakhi quietly thinks till the strike is finished, she will take the verification from Natasha.

Back at home, Pakhi goes into the room and discovers Janki looking through the closet and in a condition of frenzy she yells there was a burglary. Pakhi quiets Janki down and says she restored the cash. It was another person’s lottery, so she offered it to the legitimate. She hands Rs. 5000 to Janki to spend. Janki asks about the rest. Pakhi says she needs Rs. 5000 for some significant undertaking.

Naksh relates the cash and thinks about how he should purchase that DSLR. He gets a call from Silk. He says he had been sitting tight for her call, he is heartbroken and had no clue she will despise his concept of gathering. He will never request that. Silk says her telephone may liquefy with such an extensive amount conciliatory sentiment. She can never be irate with him; she was just occupied. Naksh was energized and discloses to Silk that he got 30,000 devotees via web-based networking media. Silk discloses to Naksh that she sent a present for him; it more likely than not came to. Naksh was energized and opens the entryway. Pakhi remained outside with a bundle for him. Naksh takes the bundle, and discovers cash inside. Silk says she read remarks on his page, and it’s a little commitment from her side with the goal that he may buy another DSLR. Naksh asks how she knew he needs precisely this sum. Silk says companions know it all. Naksh was energized; however he puts a condition that he keeps the cash as obligation. He says he will some time or another desire to meet her, she is his companion and he esteems her. Silk answers, okay 10.55 tomorrow. She will choose the spot. Naksh was elated.

Naksh prepares in his room. Pakhi remained before her own mirror, her hair free and glasses off. Naksh arrives at the eatery and wish a Hello from behind. The young lady holding up in the eatery was Rimjhim, and presents herself as 10.55. Naksh was shocked, at that point sits down. Rimjhim says it must feel ungainly, however she concurred when he demanded. Rimjhim says she was constantly apprehensive imagine a scenario in which Naksh watches her and doesn’t acknowledge her; their fellowship should break. She was constantly clumsy in an eye to eye talk. She says that is her ability, talking in a changed voice. She represents Naksh in Silk’s voice. Pakhi talked on a mouthpiece from her mobile phone.

After the call, Pakhi feels upset. She reviews she addressed Mosmi how she can do as such. Naksh needs to meet his companion; the one he addresses on telephone. Mosmi was crying while Rimjhim was sleeping. Mosmi indicates Pakhi a restorative record and says Rimjhim experiences Cancer and is alive for a couple of days as it were. The specialists are defenseless. Rimjhim adores Naksh for long, and her last want is the wed Naksh. Pakhi’s heart liquefied for Rimjhim. Here, at the time Mosmi expresses gratitude toward Pakhi for the support. It was for better that she had heart Pakhi’s changed voice. Mosmi wipes her tear adroitly, having played her card well.

Precap: Pakhi chooses she will never let Naksh know reality. She can’t do shameful to Naksh, or Rimjhim.


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