Hamari Bahu Silk 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pinky revels Ayi in the condo. He indicates Ayi his mom’s photograph. Ayi makes him agreeable. Ayi withdraws yet Pinky demands her to give him a chance to cook something for her. He used to cook for her mom and she cherished it. Ayi consents to have nourishment with him.

In the studio, Kapadia acquaints the cast with media. He quietly cautions Natasha not to talk till her naming craftsman is here. He inquires as to whether her craftsman is coming over, or they attempted to betray him.

Naksh achieve the Neel Kamal station and searches for the young lady in picture. He approaches her however the young lady feels hostile. He calls her as Rimjhim. Rimjhim assembles around a groups that this man attempted to pester her.

Pakhi achieves the studio and looks stressed. Natasha comes to Pakhi. She gets some information about her Ayi at which Natasha answers Pakhi must submit to her requests on the off chance that she needs her Ayi safe.Naksh explains that he has come to take Rimjhim. Rimjhim inquires as to why he didn’t disclose to her prior, consider the possibility that he had been whipped.

Natasha persuade Pakhi to wear a short western dress. Pakhi was angry and takes steps to call the police. Natasha advises her to be cautious, Pinky is cooking for her Ayi and may hurt her also. Pakhi consents to tag along Natasha for the public interview yet felt unmistakably awkward in the short dress. The media correspondents request a few stills from the shoot. Aakash guarantees to give them the stills later on. Kapadia takes the thought and recommends about taking a few shots in live named voice of Pakhi.

Baa peruses the structures. Mamta says Pakhi is very reasonable young lady. Mosmi says Pakhi was distinctly in a rush and left the papers with her. Baa was enraged and says she destroyed everything, where is she.

Pakhi names a scene for Natasha. Everybody was keen to the voice, Kapadia calls it as perfect as silk. Natasha advises Pakhi to return home now, her Ayi more likely than not achieved home. Pakhi approaches Ayi’s telephone. Ayi answers she is home. Pakhi was concerned and inquires as to whether she is fine. Ayi was curious why Pakhi is strained. Natasha abruptly says that she can likewise satisfy her guarantees.

Pakhi gets back home and embraces her Ayi in the kitchen. Ayi sees she was strained and crying. Pakhi says she was attempting Ayi’s number, where she had gone. Ayi says she met a kid in the market, he attempted to spare her and hurt himself. Pakhi considers Pinky’s video. Pakhi inquires as to whether she would go anyplace with anybody, she was very strained for Ayi. Ayi grins and guarantees not to go anyplace once more. She gets some information about Ashram’s reserve. Pakhi says the work is nearly done. Baa comes chastening Pakhi, and says everything was destroyed. It was an off-base section, and she needed to complete it once more. The time passed and now she got a fine of Rs. 10,000/ – . She will take the cash from Pakhi now.

Precap: The chief requests Natasha to call Pakhi on sets day by day, Natasha’s voice isn’t appropriate and they should take numerous retakes else. Kapadia guides them to orchestrate all the shooting according to Pakhi’s dates. Afterward, Aakash asks Natasha how she will bring Pakhi now.


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