Hamari Bahu Silk 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Naksh says it feels so unique on every occasion he speaks to her. He knows the person, however is unable to understand she is actually Rimjhim. each Naksh and Pakhi confront every other on the steps and disguise their mobile telephones. Pakhi asks if he was talking to his lady friend. both pass by.

Naksh become inside the corridor and tells her to come back out of doors, she wishes to peer him. Silk asks Naksh to appearance upstairs, she waves at him from the corridor upstairs. Pakhi recollects finding Rimjhim in the room and sending her upstairs to the hall. Ketan stuck Naksh waving at Rimjhim, and asks what’s taking place. Naksh turned into taken to the kitchen by way of Ketan. Ketan takes Naksh’s telephone and says he won’t use the telephone at the same time as running in kitchen anymore. Rimjhim and Pakhi had come to kitchen. Naksh holds Ketan’s hand and demands his telephone back. Ketan says he gained’t return his phone anymore, this could now go to Baa. Mosmi thinks how he will talk to Rimjhim if his telephone is confiscated. She comes to get Naksh’s telephone again and takes Ketan out of the kitchen. Naksh turned into distressed. Rimjhim location a hand over Naksh’s shoulder and apologizes, as he became scolded by using Ketan due to her. Naksh smiles and pulls her palms down her ears with a smile. He watches Pakhi at the door and straightens his backbone. Pakhi walks out of the kitchen. She changed into upset and wonders why she dislikes it whilst Rimjhim receives close to Naksh.

Pakhi become in Natasha’s apartment seeking out a evidence. Natasha and Pinky reaches the condo. They needed to take the steps because the carry was out of order. Pakhi was still searching into Natasha’s dresser and finds a locker traumatic a password. Natasha and Pinky had reached the rental. Natasha unlocks the door. Pakhi hears their voices. Natasha involves the room. Pinky follows with juice for Natasha, and indicates her to get a image shoot before there’s a hype within the media that their shoot become closed. Pakhi turned into hiding in the dresser whilst Natasha selects a get dressed for herself.

Pakhi comes domestic speakme on telephone that she despatched the locker’s image. Baa stuck her on door and inquires which locker. Pakhi lies it changed into Naukar (servant), her buddy needed. She asks Baa where she is going. Baa forbids Pakhi to impeach her once more; then tells her she was going to society’s month-to-month assembly. interior, Pakhi spots Rimjhim stand on the staircase and putting the plant life. Her foot slips, and she became hanging via the staircase. Pakhi runs upstairs and maintain Rimjhim. Naksh insists on Pakhi to leave her, he’s going to capture her there. Rimjhim asks Pakhi to depart her, however Pakhi gadgets how she will depart her hand in any such circumstance. Rimjhim inquires what happened to her. Mosmi runs to assist earlier than they get caught. They have been able to pull Rimjhim up, however Pakhi slips off the boundary. Janki calls Naksh for assist. He runs to hold Pakhi into his palms earlier than she could fell on the floor. Pakhi had tightly closed her eyes. She opens her eyes to proportion a near eye lock with Naksh. Rimjhim became curt that she missed this sort of second.

Pakhi lay at the couch, out of breathe. She and Janki thanks Naksh. Rimjhim and Mosmi hurry downstairs. Naksh runs to Rimjhim and asks if she is excellent, why she want to hold those plant life. He sits to use ointment on Rimjhim’s hand, Pakhi walks upstairs with Janki with a heavy heart.

It changed into night. Pakhi lay in her mattress wakeful, turning the lamp on and off. She turned into stressed and thinks she is betraying Naksh. She involves Rimjhim and Mosmi and tells them she won’t try this. Mosmi starts to cry and says she is helpless, she can’t even fulfil her young sister’s final desire. Rimjhim starts to pant. Mosmi makes her secure on mattress and promises to take care of her anyway. Pakhi turned into emotional. Her cellphone bell rings, it turned into Naksh. Mosmi tells Pakhi to depart it, this is a betrayal.

Precap: Aakash and Natasha had been inside the vehicle together. Aakash tells Natasha that it become Pakhi who paid the employees and provoked them for strike.


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