Hamari Bahu Silk 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Natasha awakens in his condo at the ring of doorbell. Pinky and Aakash doesn’t answer over her calls. She goes to open the entryway, it was Pakhi. Pakhi strolls inside and gets some information about Pinky and Aakash. None was at home. She reveals to Natasha she came to see her wellbeing, she may be upset as a result of an off from the shooting. She offers to tidy up kitchen and make espresso for Natasha. Natasha supposes she has purchased Pakhi’s sense of pride with the cash, and lay back to rest on sofa. Pakhi goes to the key holder however one of it fells on the floor. Natasha awakens, yet Pakhi lies that she approached get the paper. She takes sign of Natasha’s condo’s keys.

Rimjhim brings espresso for Naksh. Naksh sees its 7.15am, should he call her 7.15. Rimjhim was dumbfounded. Naksh needed to specify the reason at which Rimjhim gestures. Naksh addresses Rimjhim that he doesn’t feel the sort of association with her as on telephone. Rimjhim says he should need her to talk in her changed voice; she can talk in that voice for him until the end of time. Naksh was immediately prepared, and requests her to begin immediately. Rimjhim was shocked at the acknowledgment, and fakes to have a sore throat. Pakhi comes there and sends Rimjhim ground floor. Naksh and she has a contention. Pakhi pivots and the espresso mug fells over Naksh’s arm. She without a moment’s delay comes to toss a glass of water over her arm; Naksh yells that its boiling water and advises her to disregard him. Pakhi’s sack had fallen in the interim. While she assembles her things, she leaves the cleanser with the key imprint in Naksh’s room.

In the room, Rimjhim asks Pakhi what else they had examined. Pakhi says she disclosed to him that she saw his photographs via web-based networking media. She informed him regarding her preferred dishes, and he shared the photographs subsequent to cooking them. Rimjhim discovers this all amazingly exhausting, and advises Pakhi to examine something intriguing from now onwards. Pakhi was checking her sack and ponders where she left the cleanser.

In Naksh’s room, he had recently slipped over the cleanser when Pakhi enters and hold him in her arms. She recognizes the cleanser on the floor, leaves Naksh immediately with a jolt and stuffs the cleanser in her pack. Naksh was stunned at her conduct. Pakhi acknowledges later on. Naksh yells at Pakhi if this was some stunt against him, that he should slip over the cleanser. Pakhi mockingly answers Naksh never keeps anybody’s favors so does Pakhi; he made her fall in kitchen and she responded.

Aakash arrives at Natasha’s condo. Natasha was eating low quality nourishment. Aakash asks Natasha for what reason she is playing with her wellbeing, she puts on a great deal of weight with this. Natasha was irritated that there is no film at this moment. Aakash discloses to Natasha he went to Kapadia’s office and discovered that somebody offered cash to laborers to prolong the strike. Natasha yells at Aakash to discover who needs to close her film. Pakhi goes to a key producer with the cleanser. She gives her number to the keymaker.

Precap: Pakhi addresses Naksh accessible if the need arises as Silk. She was climbing the stairs, while Naksh descending. Both stand up to one another.


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