Hamari Bahu Silk 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pakhi and Ishaan talk that they had been lucky that Naksh could go away. Baa comes from behind asking what Pakhi is talking about. Pakhi eliminates the mask off her face, and says she was telling Naksh that he is fortunate, people wander around for jobs and here he were given an already settled business. Baa advices Naksh to work hard, and make hundred thousand from these hundreds. She remembers he hadn’t given her the estimation of the day before today’s orders. Pakhi turned into ready to give the estimations, but Baa says Naksh must now be used to each day estimations. Ishaan attempts to keep away from Baa and begins to sneeze. Baa was worried that the Pest manipulate medicinal drug were given into his nostril. Ishaan runs into Naksh’s room. Baa follows him upstairs and turned into tensed, she calls from outdoor if he’s feeling nausea. Mamta joins Baa outside the room door.

Pakhi panics that the whole lot has ruined, Naksh isn’t domestic and they are all outdoor the room door. Naksh comes from at the back of and taps at Pakhi’s back. He asks about Ishaan. Pakhi takes Naksh out of doors, place a wooden stair and tells Naksh to move upstairs as Ishaan is stuck in his room. The wood stairs slips from Naksh’s ft, at the same time as his jeans become caught in a nail. Pakhi comes outdoor Naksh’s door and assures Baa that the whole lot is exceptional, she inquired the Pest manipulate group that it’s now not unsafe. Baa is going outdoor to look for a person, Ishaan and Ketan were additionally not there. Pakhi is going to the slipped wood staircase, and was taken aback to identify Naksh there. Ketan comes home and also joins Baa. Pakhi runs upstairs yet again. Baa forces Ketan to break the door. Pakhi was tensed and thinks about packing her bags, she is long past. Naksh opens the door. Pakhi turned into relieved. Baa asks why he’s coughing, he become sneezing in advance. Naksh makes up that he even had a vomit. Ishaan crawls back beneath the mattress, and a vase fell down.

Baa changed into alert and appears round for a person. earlier than Baa ought to bend, they pay attention someone calling Pakhi downstairs. He turned into a young man and claimed himself to be Pakhi’s lover, his name turned into Nayan Katari. Pakhi and Naksh come to balcony. Baa turned into furious over this cheap act in front of her residence. The young guy races his motorbike and leaves the neighborhood. Baa now turns to Pakhi and questions who that younger guy became.

At Natasha’s condominium, the director shouts that he wasn’t taking pictures without the dubbing artist. He already informed Kapadia that he doesn’t get the texture with out the dubbing artist. Aakash controls Natasha’s tantrum, and convince the director that Pakhi can’t come to the sets day by day, they need to begin the shoot and in the meantime they can solve the subjects. The director takes the shot. The young guy who had long past to Pakhi’s residence starts offevolved making seducing sounds. The hero changed into indignant and forbids him to intrude, he is already bored to death of Natasha’s manly voice. The young man, Nayan pulls a dagger however Natasha shouts at Nayan to prevent it.

Pakhi attempts to make clear that she doesn’t recognize him. Mosmi asks if this become the equal character who despatched the card with N, his call became additionally Nayan Kataray. She says nobody ever came for her Rimjhim ever. Pakhi says a person referred to as Mosmi Mosmi outside the day prior to this, it didn’t mean Mosmi had known as a person. It became best a fruit vendor. Likewise she is likewise unaware who this Nayan Kataray turned into. Baa tells Pakhi to swear to her Ayi. Janki changed into assured of Pakhi’s individual and place her give up her personal head. Pakhi swears to her mother. Baa became satisfied and doesn’t let Mosmi argue.

Natasha pays the package deal of money to Nayan and says he turned into paid to carry Pakhi back, he need to consciousness on that. Nayan changed into determined to wreck Pakhi’s person, and bring her to her feet. he will burn each person who attempts to insult Natasha in besides. Natasha warns her to keep the dialogue to herself.

Rimjhim brings the bags to Baa’s room. Baa asks if she is leaving so early. Mosmi says Rimjhim added some presents for them. She suggests Baa’s present, Baa was indignant that it was guys’s shorts. Rimjhim realizes her bag seems to be exchanged on the bus stop.

in the room, Pakhi sat in her room disillusioned. Janki involves Pakhi and says she is trembling inside out nowadays. Daughters are like crystals, and dad and mom are usually afraid they don’t damage. She need to marry Pakhi now, so that not all of us can come and blame her person. Pakhi tells Ayi she received’t depart her, and is her son as well. Ayi says Pakhi has sorted her extra than a son, and it’s her obligation as a mom. Pakhi asks how she might reply her father, who each day inquires about his Janki in her desires. Ayi smiles that she will be able to’t win from Pakhi in any argument.

PRECAP: Pakhi tells Natasha she knows Nayan Katara changed into despatched via Natasha. It was a doubt and Natasha’s shoot was referred to as off, what if her film is known as off altogether.


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