Hamari Bahu Silk 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Naksh isn’t home and they are for the most part outside the room entryway. Naksh digs out from a deficit and taps at Pakhi’s back. He gets some information about Ishaan. Pakhi takes Naksh outside, place a wooden stair and advises Naksh to go upstairs as Ishaan is stuck in his room. The wooden stairs slips from Naksh’s feet, while his pants was stuck in a nail. Pakhi comes outside Naksh’s entryway and guarantees Baa that all is well, she asked the Pest Control group that it’s not perilous. Baa goes outside to search for somebody, Ishaan and Ketan were likewise not there. Pakhi goes to the slipped wooden staircase, and was stunned to spot Naksh there.

Ketan gets back home and furthermore joins Baa. Pakhi runs upstairs by and by. Baa powers Ketan to break the entryway. Pakhi was strained and considers gathering her packs, she is no more. Naksh opens the entryway. Pakhi was mitigated. Baa inquires as to why he is hacking, he was sniffling prior. Naksh makes up that he even had a regurgitation. Ishaan creeps back under the bed, and a container tumbled down.

Baa was caution and glances around for somebody. Before Baa could twist, they hear somebody calling Pakhi first floor. He was a young fellow and guaranteed himself to be Pakhi’s darling, his name was Nayan Katari. Pakhi and Naksh come to overhang. Baa was incensed over this modest demonstration before her home. The young fellow races his bicycle and leaves the area. Baa currently goes to Pakhi and questions who that young fellow was.

At Natasha’s condo, the chief yells that he wasn’t shooting without the naming craftsman. He previously disclosed to Kapadia that he doesn’t get the vibe without the naming craftsman. Aakash controls Natasha’s fit, and persuade the executive that Pakhi can’t go to the sets every day, they should begin the shoot and in the mean time they can explain the issues. The chief takes the shot. The young fellow who had gone to Pakhi’s home starts making alluring sounds. The legend was disturbed and prohibits him to meddle, he is as of now tired of Natasha’s masculine voice. The young fellow, Nayan pulls a blade however Natasha yells at Nayan to stop it.

Pakhi attempts to explain that she doesn’t have any acquaintance with him. Mosmi inquires as to whether this was a similar individual who sent the card with N, his name was likewise Nayan Kataray. She says nobody at any point wanted her Rimjhim ever. Pakhi says somebody called Mosmi outside yesterday, it didn’t mean Mosmi had called somebody. It was just a natural product merchant. Moreover she is additionally unconscious who this Nayan Kataray was. Baa advises Pakhi to pledge to her Ayi. Janki was certain of Pakhi’s character and spot her hand over her own head. Pakhi pledges to her mom. Baa was persuaded and doesn’t let Mosmi contend.

Natasha pays the heap of cash to Nayan and says he was paid to bring Pakhi back, he should concentrate on that. Nayan was resolved to destroy Pakhi’s character, and carry her to her feet. He will consume any individual who attempts to affront Natasha in at any rate. Natasha cautions all her the discourse to herself.

Rimjhim carries the sacks to Baa’s room. Baa inquires as to whether she is leaving so early. Mosmi says Rimjhim brought a few presents for them. She demonstrates Baa’s blessing, Baa was irate that it was men’s shorts. Rimjhim understands her sack is by all accounts traded at the transport stop.

In the room, Pakhi sat in her room upset. Janki comes to Pakhi and says she is trembling back to front today. Little girls resemble precious stones, and guardians are constantly apprehensive they don’t break. She should wed Pakhi now, so that not anybody can come and accuse her character. Pakhi discloses to Ayi she won’t leave her, and is her child also. Ayi says Pakhi has dealt with her in excess of a child, and it’s her duty as a mother. Pakhi asks how she would answer her dad, who day by day asks about his Janki in her fantasies. Ayi grins that she can’t win from Pakhi in any contention.

Precap: Pakhi reveals to Natasha she knows Nayan Katara was sent by Natasha. It was an uncertainty and Natasha’s shoot was canceled, imagine a scenario where her film is canceled by and large.


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