Hamari Bahu Silk 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Naksh says it feels so unique at whatever point he addresses her. He knows the individual, yet can’t comprehend she is truly Rimjhim. Both Naksh and Pakhi face each other on the stairs and conceal their mobile phones. Pakhi inquires as to whether he was addressing his better half. Both cruise by.

Rimjhim place a hand behind Naksh and apologizes, as he was admonished by Ketan in view of her. Naksh grins and pulls her hands down her ears with a grin. He watches Pakhi at the entryway and rectifies his spine. Pakhi leaves the kitchen. She was disturbed and asks why she hates it when Rimjhim draws near to Naksh. Pakhi was in Natasha’s condo searching for a proof. Natasha and Pinky arrives at the loft. They needed to accept the stairs as the lift was out of request. Pakhi was all the while investigating Natasha’s closet and finds a storage requesting a secret word.

Natasha and Pinky had arrived at the condo. Natasha opens the entryway. Pakhi hears their voices. Natasha goes to the room. Pinky pursues with juice for Natasha, and proposes her to get a photograph shoot before there is a publicity in the media that their shoot was shut. Pakhi was covering up in the closet when Natasha chooses a dress for herself.

Pakhi gets back home talking on telephone that she sent the storage’s photograph. Baa got her on entryway and asks which storage. Pakhi lies it was Naukar (hireling), her companion required. She asks Baa where she is going. Baa precludes Pakhi to scrutinize her once more; at that point discloses to her she was setting off to society’s month to month meeting. Inside, Pakhi spots Rimjhim remain at the staircase and hanging the blooms. Her foot slips, and she was hanging through the staircase. Pakhi runs upstairs and hold Rimjhim. Naksh demands Pakhi to leave her, he will get her there. Rimjhim asks Pakhi to leave her, however Pakhi questions how she can leave her turn in such a condition. Rimjhim asks what befell her. Mosmi races to help before they get captured. They had the option to pull Rimjhim up, however Pakhi sneaks off the limit. Janki calls Naksh for assistance. He hurries to hold Pakhi into his arms before she could fell on the floor. Pakhi had firmly shut her eyes. She opens her eyes to share a nearby eye lock with Naksh. Rimjhim was brief that she missed such a minute.

Pakhi lay on the lounge chair, out of relax. She and Janki expresses gratitude toward Naksh. Rimjhim and Mosmi rush ground floor. Naksh hurries to Rimjhim and inquires as to whether she is fine, why she have to hang these blossoms. He sits to apply balm on Rimjhim’s hand, Pakhi strolls upstairs with Janki with crushing sadness.

Pakhi lay in her bed conscious, killing the light on and. She was anxious and supposes she is double-crossing Naksh. She comes to Rimjhim and Mosmi and reveals to them she won’t do this. Mosmi starts to cry and says she is vulnerable, she can’t satisfy her young sister’s last wish. Rimjhim starts to gasp. Mosmi makes her agreeable on bed and vows to deal with her at any rate. Pakhi was enthusiastic. Her telephone ringer rings, it was Naksh. Mosmi advises Pakhi to leave it, this is a double-crossing.

Precap: Aakash and Natasha were in the vehicle together. Aakash discloses to Natasha that it was Pakhi who paid the laborers and incited them for strike.


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