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The director comes to take Pakhi and Natasha to begin the shoot. Pakhi stammers with the dialogues, her voice shivers. The director scolds Silk for being misplaced, and no longer speaking the dialogues properly. Pakhi apologizes. The scene become reduce for all over again. Natasha offers to speak to her, and tells Pakhi to convey a sense and consider she is there in place of Natasha. She attempts to invoke the sensual feelings, and tells Pakhi to copy the dialogue. She whispers that if there isn’t the texture, a person might go to prison. Pakhi now gives a great talk transport, then recalls her Ayi’s derogatory words towards her voice. each person claps. Natasha provides Silk! Pakhi turned into shocked on the feedback she had received there.

At Parekh house, Baa stood in Naksh’s room all stormed with the images Naksh had taken. Mamta scolds Mosmi that she didn’t make Baa eat anything. Mamta asks Baa to come back over and consume some thing. Baa curtly says her grandson has served tons meals for her, she is full now. She says Mamta may want to either not cope with her (Baa’s) son, or her personal son. Mamta will soon leave her son. Mosmi tells Baa that Ketan at the least abides through all their orders. She suggests Baa to marry Naksh as nicely. Baa was angry at Mosmi and says marriage isn’t a method to every hassle. She have to cope with Naksh now, and make him to earn some thing as nicely. Baa gets a telephone name and become pissed off.

Pakhi cries inside the make-up room, on my own. Natasha stood behind her. Pakhi wipes her tears right away and tells Natasha to have a good time now, she need to be extremely satisfied. Natasha degraded her, and taken her to feet. She now cries aloud. Natasha gives tissue to Pakhi. She poses being innocent, and says she wanted to make an apology to her. She also feels horrific for something she makes Pakhi do, she isn’t a horrific individual and holds a heart as well. For her, this film is extraordinarily vital; she is indebted. once the film is entire, she will be able to return her evidence and they’ll both be freed from each different. but until then, Pakhi ought to support her; else she will become Natasha who may additionally take every person’s lifestyles as well.

At home, Baa become angry at Pakhi for handing over the incorrect orders. She questions why she got a majority of these complains on this day. She questions on Naksh. Pakhi became silent. Baa says Pakhi promised to carry him lower back to work. Pakhi says she is trying hard to bring him again. Naksh comes there and says he will never be part of Parekh catering provider, and underneath a chairman like Pakhi there will be mistakes. Baa tells Naksh that he ought to have gone. Naksh asks Baa if she believes he have to support her in this catering enterprise, however he doesn’t want so. His father also wanted to pursue a different career, but Baa didn’t permit him as nicely. Now, he’ll additionally do what he desire to. He needs independence from Baa’s needs.

It turned into night. Naksh stops Pakhi inside the hall. Naksh says when Baa changed into scolding her, he wondered if he need to rejoice or feel awful for him. She promised Baa to deliver him to paintings, and it turned into her largest mistake. she will now witness how he ruins everything for her.

Pakhi thinks inside the room about her dialogue, that when poison takes a existence, it’s a poison but whilst it begins to present life to a person; then it will become existence. Pakhi thinks her voice is a poison due to the fact she uses it for Natasha, but she need to now use her voice as a healer. this may reduce her guilt as nicely. She says Naksh ought to now be geared up to pay attention this Silk voice now.

Naksh takes the unknown name. She inquires who it’s far, Silk introduces herself as a friend. Naksh says he didn’t understand. Silk replies, she knows him and wants to know extra. Naksh demands her call. Silk says friendship has no name. She appreciates his work on the app. Naksh is familiar with she got his number from the app. Silk says she will be able to now hold up, she disturbed him so overdue pointlessly. Naksh doesn’t let her, as he is glad a person was a fan so quickly. Silk says she saw his pics in an exhibition, then got his number and known as him. Naksh says no person ever preferred his paintings like this. Silk was about to grasp up once more however Naksh inquires her name. She asks what’s the time, he says it 10.45. Silk says he should recognize her by the point, she will be able to call him tomorrow again. Afterwards, Pakhi thinks she likes Naksh’s images. but she has to fulfil her promise given to Baa. can be her toxic voice may go as a healer for Naksh.

Precap: Natasha gets a threatening letter from a goon.


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