Hamari Bahu Silk 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mamta brings tea for Naksh to his room and asks what he is doing. Mamta inquires as to whether the tea is great. He answers it is. Mamta says it feels he didn’t rest entire night. Naksh says he can’t rest, since then he would have dreams. He has no option to satisfy his fantasies. Mamta asks Naksh not to be quiet, he can battle with her and question why she didn’t release him. Naksh inquires as to why he should battle with Mamta, who said he is irate with her. Mamta demands Naksh to restore her child. He answers, Naksh has gone out quite a while in the past. The individual he ceased is just her child, he will satisfy every one of his obligations as a child. Be that as it may, her Naksh will never be upbeat again.

Mamta promises she will satisfy him indeed. Naksh pivots, while Mamta leaves with crushing sadness. Pakhi was stressed over the broad menu of the day. She was in solitude for work. She supposes she should end all the work and arrive at Natasha’s by 11am. She quickly sets to work. The time was running out. She at long last tastes the sustenance and believes it’s everything done. Baa goes to the kitchen and says the work is still left and gives her the menu for sweet. She reminds Pakhi that Naksh is as yet not here, on the off chance that she has excused her guarantee. Pakhi guarantees that she will cut Naksh down.

Naksh thanks a companion on telephone that he downloaded the application and will before long clear the entirety of his installment. Pakhi goes to the room. Naksh reveals to her she needn’t apologize, he has excused her as of now. Pakhi inquires as to whether he wouldn’t support her. Naksh denies. Pakhi gets a thought and takes his telephone. Naksh pursues Pakhi to the corridor. Pakhi says she is his supervisor and is requesting him to complete the work in kitchen. In the kitchen, she starts to hack and gasp.. Naksh inquires as to whether she understands how costly the application he purchased is. Pakhi guarantees his telephone and application are both safe, and instructs him to get the chance to work. Naksh was checking the kitchen cupboards. Pakhi spots Baa on the entryway, and advises Naksh to painstakingly work with the Barfi. Naksh works with the Barfi, and once Baa is gone he discloses to Pakhi he won’t work tomorrow. Pakhi enlightens him to talk regarding today, none has seen tomorrow. Pakhi checks the time, and instructs him to make the conveyance first. She hustles to leave. Naksh holds Pakhi into his arms while she was going to tumbled off. At the same time, the telephone chime rings and he thinks that its took care of her shirt. Naksh holds Pakhi into his arms, and tosses her on the floor. The telephone fells off. Naksh advises her to mastermind her conveyance, he is leaving. Mosmi was stressed that everything is turning out badly.

Outside, Baa stops Pakhi and advises her not to leave before breakfast. Pakhi was in a rush and lies that she needs to make conveyance. Baa demands she can’t leave without breakfast, and advises her to call Janki down the stairs too. Pakhi reveals to Baa that Ayi is fasting. She was in a rush however powerless.

On the feasting table, Mamta discloses to Pakhi that its Baa’s seat. She generally sits on the one and keeps another vacant. Pakhi approaches if it’s for Naksh’s dad. She is sorry when Mamta gets enthusiastic and offers to serve. Mamta says no visitor can serve. She advises Pakhi to take the contrary seat, as Naksh consistently sits with Baa. Naksh comes to take the left over seat. Mamta objects. Naksh says it’s insignificant a seat, on the off chance that they truly accept his Papa would return. Baa briefly advises Mamta to serve the nourishment.

Naksh brings some photographs to the table, and says he clicked these photographs and is going to balance them in his room. Ketan helps him to remember the table principles. Naksh contends if Ketan doesn’t chokes from this guidelines. Ketan says he is the more established child of the house, and will consistently be senior’s ally. Naksh says he recalls every one of the standards of Rule Book, he can in any event show what’s his obsession. Pakhi attempts to stop Naksh. Naksh apologizes Baa for talking about the issue before untouchable. He leaves the table. Baa kiss the break and leaves the kitchen.

Pakhi rushes to conveyance kid while consistently checking the time. Natasha was in cosmetics room. The spot kid comes to disclose to Natasha they have a shoot in ten minutes, if naming craftsman has arrived. Natasha watches Pakhi in the mirror.

Precap: Natasha and Pakhi were in cosmetics room. Natasha discloses to Pakhi she will keep the evidence till the film closes, as it’s significant for her to finish this film. Pakhi must participate, else she will utilize different methods.


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