Hamari Bahu Silk 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Naksh turned into suspicious when Pakhi doesn’t get hold of the decision from Natasha. Pakhi replies it turned into a credit score card dealer. in the rental, Pinky tells Natasha that Kapadia is signing some other actress and has started the shoot as properly. Natasha tells him to deliver the agreement paper.

In Baa’s room, Pakhi unearths a broken earring. She is aware that it’s a woman who stole. Pakhi receives messages from Natasha and wonders if Natasha feels she might name her upon receiving messages.

Natasha reaches the studio wherein Kapadia become carrying out one of a kind auditions. Natasha indicates him the contract that she will’t get replaced in his film as heroine. Kapadia reminds that contract also reads that her dubbing artist would accompany her, nevertheless she isn’t always there. He clarifies that besides he’s auditioning for some other film right now.

Pakhi comes to Baa. Baa asks about the shipping, Pakhi replies it’s been dispatched already. Pakhi changed into about to expose the earring to Baa when Mosmi brings the tea. Mosmi brings the tea for Baa. Pakhi hides the earring and notices one of the jewelry of Mosmi changed into missing. within the kitchen, she became tensed and thinks how Janki were suspicious of her. Rimjhim tells Mosmi that she is scared of the police. Mosmi tells Rimjhim to look at the drama by way of nighttime. Pakhi involves Mosmi and brings her earring pronouncing she determined it in Baa’s room. Mosmi thank you Pakhi for locating her the earring, else Ketan ought to have killed her. Mosmi goes upstairs. Pakhi threatens Rimjhim and asks about the trunk. Rimjhim became terrified.

Pakhi comes to the store room looking for the trunk. Rimjhim comes to Mosmi and turned into tensed that Pakhi is aware of about the trunk, what they may do now. Mosmi takes Rimjhim and says they will now speak the fact.

Baa and Naksh come to the shop room. Pakhi held the trunk and suggests it to Baa and Naksh. They had been suspicious. Baa says she turned into continually sure that Pakhi was at the back of the theft. Pakhi says she didn’t steal the trunk. Baa asks if trunk crawled right here via itself. She changed into simplest seeking out Pakhi to inquire about lunch field delivery. Pakhi blames Mosmi and Rimjhim for the theft.

Later, Mosmi accepts that it was Rimjhim’s concept to steal the trunk. She asks Baa to inquire Rimjhim why she did all this. Rimjhim says she has seen how Baa miss Dada Ji. She had decided that they’ll rejoice his birthday nostalgically this 12 months. The radio in it which Baa had given to Dada ji on their wedding was out of order, so she got it repaired. Baa become emotional, and wish her own family contributors could additionally care for other’s emotions. Naksh asks Rimjhim why she stole the entirety from Baa’s room. Mosmi says they desired to make it a wonder, that’s why they stole the jewellery as properly. She brings Baa’s jewelry packing containers as nicely. Baa was in tears and hugs Rimjhim. Mosmi thinks that right here Pakhi fall from all and sundry’s eyes, and Rimjhim won everyone’s heart. Rimjhim asks Baa to reduce the cake. Baa changed into irritated and tells Pakhi and Janki that they disgraced her daughter in regulation and her guest, they aren’t allowed in the celebration. She says they concept they may create differences among her families and make their very own area. Pakhi replies she handiest desired to help. Baa says she become about to doubt Rimjhim due to Pakhi and it is unacceptable. Pakhi and Janki depart. all of us sing for Baa.

At night time, Janki asks Pakhi to permit cross of the matter. Baa comes to lock the door and reveals the two out of doors. Pakhi apologizes Baa that she blamed Mosmi at once. She had long past to speak to Mosmi however… Baa tells Pakhi to close the door tightly when they arrive inside, else there might be actual thieves. Janki discuss with Pakhi that they’re usually afraid if this roof might stay or now not. Pakhi says she ought to find a properly and everlasting process definitely quickly, but until then they must stay here.

In the room, Pakhi goals about Natasha and Janki, the concerns of her lifestyles. a person wakes her up. It turned into Pakhi’s shadow who calls her as egocentric. Pakhi questions how she was egocentric. The shadow says she lies, and makes fake tales all over the international, nonetheless such terrible is the situation of her Ayi; isn’t’ this selfishness.

Precap: Baa tells everybody to invite Naksh prepare for meals in orphanage. Aakash tells Natasha that Pakhi is Baa’s lead chef, and she or he is based on her now. Natasha sprinkles remedy over the lunchboxes, even geared up to stake someone’s lifestyles.


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