Hamari Bahu Silk 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Natasha achieves the studio where Kapadia was directing various tryouts. Natasha demonstrates to him the agreement that she can’t be supplanted in his film as champion. Kapadia reminds that agreement additionally peruses that her naming craftsman would go with her, still she isn’t there. He explains that in any case he is trying out for some other film at this moment. Pakhi comes to Baa. Baa gets some information about the conveyance, Pakhi answers it’s been dispatched as of now. Pakhi was going to demonstrate the stud to Baa when Mosmi brings the tea. Mosmi brings the tea for Baa.

Pakhi shrouds the hoop and notification one of the studs of Mosmi was missing. In the kitchen, she was strained and thinks how Janki had been suspicious of her. Rimjhim reveals to Mosmi that she is alarmed of the police. Mosmi advises Rimjhim to watch the dramatization before sun-down. Pakhi comes to Mosmi and brings her stud saying she discovered it in Baa’s room. Mosmi expresses gratitude toward Pakhi for discovering her the stud, else Ketan more likely than not executed her. Mosmi goes upstairs. Pakhi undermines Rimjhim and gets some information about the storage compartment. Rimjhim was frightened.

Pakhi goes to the store room searching for the storage compartment.

Rimjhim comes to Mosmi and was strained that Pakhi thinks about the storage compartment, what they will do now. Mosmi takes Rimjhim and says they will presently talk reality.

Baa and Naksh go to the store room. Pakhi held the storage compartment and shows it to Baa and Naksh. They were suspicious. Baa says she was in every case sure that Pakhi was behind the burglary. Pakhi says she didn’t take the storage compartment. Baa inquires as to whether trunk slithered here independent from anyone else. She was searching for Pakhi to ask about lunch box conveyance. Pakhi faults Mosmi and Rimjhim for the robbery.

Afterward, Mosmi acknowledges that it was Rimjhim’s plan to take the storage compartment. She asks Baa to ask Rimjhim for what reason she did this. Rimjhim says she has perceived how Baa miss Dada Ji. She had concluded that they will praise his birthday nostalgically this year. The radio in it which Baa had given to Dada ji on their wedding was out of request, so she got it fixed. Baa was passionate, and wish her relatives would likewise think about other’s emotions. Naksh asks Rimjhim for what valid reason she stole everything from Baa’s room. Mosmi says they needed to make it an astonishment, that is the reason they stole the gems also. She brings Baa’s adornments boxes also. Baa was in tears and embraces Rimjhim. Mosmi feels that here Pakhi tumble from everybody’s eyes, and Rimjhim won everybody’s heart. Rimjhim requests that Baa cut the cake. Baa was irritated and tells Pakhi and Janki that they disfavored her little girl in law and her visitor, they aren’t permitted in the gathering. She says they figured they could make contrasts between her families and make their own space. Pakhi answers she just needed to help. Baa says she was going to question Rimjhim on account of Pakhi and it is unsatisfactory. Pakhi and Janki leave. Everybody sing for Baa.

Around evening time, Janki solicits Pakhi to give up from the issue. Baa comes to bolt the entryway and finds the two outside. Pakhi apologizes Baa that she accused Mosmi straightforwardly. She had gone to address Mosmi yet… Baa advises Pakhi to close the entryway firmly when they come inside, else there may be genuine hoodlums. Janki talk about with Pakhi that they are constantly apprehensive if this rooftop would remain or not. Pakhi says she should locate a decent and changeless activity actually soon, yet till then they should remain here.

In the room, Pakhi dreams about Natasha and Janki, an amazing worries. Somebody awakens her. It was Pakhi’s shadow who calls her as childish. Pakhi questions how she was childish. The shadow says she lies, and makes false stories everywhere throughout the world, still such horrible is the state of her Ayi; isn’t’ this childishness.

Precap: Baa advises everybody to approach Naksh get ready for sustenance in shelter. Aakash discloses to Natasha that Pakhi is Baa’s lead culinary expert, and she depends on her now. Natasha sprinkles drug over the lunchboxes, even prepared to stake somebody’s life.


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