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The shadow convinces Pakhi that Ayi’s get dressed is at the least 5 years vintage, still she is most effective worried for a roof over head. If this is what she promised her Baba. She were given an offer from Natasha that might rid her of all her pains. Pakhi argues her Baba should have been ashamed of her, had she worked for Natasha. The shadow argues if he have to now be pleased with her? nothing is inaccurate in running with Natasha, as a minimum it will remedy some of her Ayi’s troubles. Pakhi argues this is a incorrect recommendation, it’ll bend her Ayi’s head in disgrace. She tells the shadow to leave. Pakhi wakes up from a valid sleep. there was no water inside the jug, but she changed into decided that she will be able to’t let her Ayi’s head bend with shame.
Aakash makes a family tree of Parekh’s. Aakash complements Pinky’s pictures. Natasha

asks Aakash to retain. Aakash says anyone listens to Baa inside the house, Pakhi and Ayi ought to abide through Baa’s policies and this Baa can make them go away the house. Pinky says Pakhi has already broken some regulations, and he or she will soon be on roads. Aakash says Pakhi is now the chief chef of Baa’s business, her lifestyles is set there. Natasha says they may now flip this circle of relatives to Pakhi’s helplessness. She gained’t refrain from taking someone’s existence as properly. Aakash changed into taken aback at her sick making plans, and asks how plenty she will be able to fall. He clarifies neither he would do this sort of aspect, nor he might allow them to do. Natasha says it’s a do or die scenario this time.
Baa sat with Dada Ji’s photo in the room. Mamta comes with oil to rubdown her head. Mamta says she is familiar with the day is difficult for Baa, she omit her husband. Baa says Mamta’s husband additionally left on the identical day; and it’s because of Mamta. She couldn’t tie her husband to the family. Pakhi overhears this from the door. Baa complains that Mamta didn’t contend with her husband while he became being indulged in appearing career. Mamta cries and says her husband became extremely passionate for his profession handiest, he didn’t appearance again to his children as nicely. Baa asks if still Mamta encourages Naksh for photography, she doesn’t understand what all of them have suffered already have to by no means be repeated. She tells Mamta to shield her son from this movie world, she can never allow her grandsons wander away into this enterprise. She tells Mamta to reflect onconsideration on Ashram’s lunch for tomorrow, that is Naksh’s first 12 months and he should distribute the food a few of the orphans himself. Mamta nods and leaves the room.

day after today, at the same time as Naksh and Pakhi distribute meals amongst the orphans; Pakhi was disappointed aboout Naksh and Baa. She thinks each Baa and Naksh are aggravated with each other. Baa misplaced a son and doesn’t need to allow Naksh participate in pictures, and here Naksh is disenchanted because he dislikes circle of relatives enterprise. She tells Naksh to lighten his mood. Naksh tells Pakhi to thoughts her very own enterprise. Pakhi takes interest of the children and asks them to finish the proverbs as she speaks. She says ‘Jo Na Manay Baron Ki seekh;…’ Naksh changed into offensive that Pakhi is attempting to teach him what he doesn’t desire to learn. He leaves the orphanage aggravated.

a person walks to the orphanage.

Pakhi asks the kids in the event that they liked the food. The youngsters supplement the taste and asks for candy. Pakhi goes to get the sweet for them.

Natasha had come to orphanage in a changed avatar. Aakash holds her hand and insists on her to reconsider, they may be playing with lives of harmless youngsters. Natasha tells Aakash to simplest make a video. Natasha held Rat Poison in her hand and sprinkles it over the biscuits. Aakash hurries her to depart. Natasha tells him to move, she may be there quickly. Pakhi changed into heading in the direction of the kitchen. The servant asks Pakhi about the boxes of candy. Pakhi enters the kitchen, Natasha had her returned towards Pakhi. Pakhi calls her as Baa. Natasha doesn’t reply and as an alternative walks out of the orphanage. Pakhi follows her outside and wonders why she behaves so. The servant comes in the back of Pakhi, Natasha had vanished.

Naksh comes behind Pakhi and complains that Pakhi is outside, wandering around. Pakhi tells Naksh that she noticed Baa here. Naksh says Baa in no way comes right here, handiest Ketan visits the orphanage.

Aakash and Natasha leaves from behind the trees however one in every of her jewel fell off.

Naksh doesn’t trust Pakhi and tells her to come inner, children are awaiting the sweet. Pakhi follows Baa toward the primary gate but Natasha and Aakash had left inside the car. Pakhi finds the jewel – megastar, and wonders in which she has visible this.

PRECAP: Aakash calls Pakhi to protect the children, the sweet is toxic. At domestic, Baa says no one ever performed any such trick towards their catering business. They must find out who’s behind this.


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