Hamari Bahu Silk 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Baa sends Rimjhim and Mosmi to the roof, they will get precise pix for the suggestion. Baa gets a call from Pakhi and asks if everything is pleasant. Pakhi asks Baa why she didn’t come. Baa asks who might work with tiffin packing containers right here then.

Naksh attempts to control the youngsters who were screaming for the candy. Pakhi brings the tray filled with lunch bins, at the same time as nonetheless via the idea of sweet. Naksh hurries Pakhi to come back internal and silence those children. Pakhi promises the youngsters that each one of them gets the candy. She vicinity a condition that the kids need to first sing and dance together with her. The youngsters were excited as Pakhi plays round, singing ‘Chanda Champkay Cham Cham’. She runs outdoor with the kids, into the backyard. Naksh additionally joins them. meanwhile, Pakhi receives a name from a private quantity. She couldn’t pay attention the alternative side. It turned into a moved quickly voice that Pakhi must save the youngsters, as the candy is poisoned. It changed into Aakash and tells Pakhi to save the children, else they could all die. inside, Naksh had disbursed the sweet among the youngsters. Pakhi runs into the corridor and forbids the children to eat, the sweet is poisoned. Naksh and Pakhi snatches the goodies from each child. one of the youngsters had eaten the sweet, claiming it very tasty. the child starts to choke right away. Pakhi calls a servant to deliver salted water, and sends Naksh to call a medical doctor.

Later, the woman of aashram became irritated at Naksh as he told the physician that the child tried to devour poison. She says she keeps excellent care of these kids. The physician offers medicine to the child, and assessments are performed to decide the supply of poison. Naksh and Pakhi have been brought outdoor, and the inspector inquires where the food got here from. Baa reaches the aashram and says she sent it, as she does annually. The inspector holds Baa responsible. Baa claims that she herself tasted the meals earlier than packing. The inspector says right now Baa is responsible, she must go to police station with them. Naksh intervenes that they can’t take Baa. Pakhi says she became supervising the catering, and this twist of fate occurred because of her; Baa holds a large call in catering provider. She need to have some of enemies inside the enterprise. She insists why they should have stopped the children from consuming the sweet, or called the doctor if they meant whatever incorrect. The inspector turned into convinced. The health practitioner comes out of doors and declares the child is out of chance, and appreciates that Pakhi gave him salted water and vomit out the poison. The police inquires how Pakhi found out about the poison. Pakhi says she were given a call on her quantity. The police needs her the wide variety, so that you can discover the actual wrongdoer.

Out of doors, Naksh thanks Pakhi and appreciates that she handled the scenario nicely. Pakhi says she already told him that she had seen a person like Baa within the kitchen. Had he listened to her, the reputation of catering commercial enterprise wouldn’t have ruined. both have a controversy with every other. Naksh shouts that it’s Pakhi’s activity to take care of the whole thing, and think about the commercial enterprise as well; he is best an assistant. Baa comes outside. Naksh opens the automobile door for her, while Baa changed into silent.

At domestic, Mosmi blames Pakhi that she couldn’t have sent Baa to jail. She questions Pakhi in which she were all of the whilst. Who ought to have taken the duty if the children had eaten such poisonous food? Baa shuts Mosmi up, and says it in no way occurred in these types of years. Baa asks Pakhi if the whole lot turned into virtually underneath her supervision. Pakhi replies she took care of everything. She says it changed into a tough day, and a big accident; however Pakhi saved the day. She similarly appreciates Naksh’s efforts, as they stopped a catastrophe. She says she have to discover who deliberate this all, and will reach the real wrongdoer. Pakhi says quickly they may get the responsible caught.

Natasha receives the modifying of the video by a supervisor below her commands. Aakash involves Natasha and tells her that Pakhi saved the children, a person referred to as and informed her. Natasha looks toward Aakash dubiously, but Aakash says he doesn’t recognise who did. Natasha questions how will Pakhi store herself, she is stuck now.

At night, Pakhi changed into running in the kitchen. Mamta turned into thankful for Pakhi. Pakhi says she knows properly how vital is the day for Baa, or even Naksh’s father… Mamta withdraws her hand from Pakhi’s and become startled. Pakhi apologizes for overhearing their communication. She says Mamta as nicely misplaced her husband on this day, it’s a painful day for her as properly. Mamta says they by no means told about it to anyone at home, Baa doesn’t need her grandchildren to understand that their father left home to pursue appearing. Pakhi guarantees she will be able to by no means tell Naksh. Mosmi overhears the communique and wonders if Baa concealed the whole lot.

Precap: Natasha replaces her face with Baa in the video. She warns Pakhi that its now her choice if she turns into her voice, or watches Baa visit lockup.


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