Hamari Bahu Silk 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

In the morning aarti, Mamta miss Mosmi. Pakhi calls from behind that they won’t miss her anymore. She had brought Mosmi home, along with para-medic staff. Ketan asks why she brought her here. Pakhi says the doctor consented that there are increased chances of Mosmi’s recovery if she stays around the family. Rimjhim argues about who would take care of her at home. Pakhi introduces them to the nurse who was there to take care of Mosmi. They take Mosmi into her room. Baa was happy that a plant grows best in its own soil. In the room, Rimjhim says Mosmi’s life is endangered in the house, Pakhi already wanted to kill Mosmi. Pakhi says when Mosmi woke up in the hospital, she herself claimed her innocent. But there is surely a culprit, and they must soon figure it out. Baa tells everyone to leave now, and sides Pakhi’s decision. Rimjhim silently thinks that Mosmi’s life is in increased danger now. Pakhi tells Rimjhim she must be thinking right, but she won’t let Rimjhim harm Mosmi anymore. Rimjhim leaves the room. Pakhi sits besides Mosmi and assures she will soon be fine, and needn’t be afraid of Rimjhim. Naksh comes clapping for Pakhi that she had won the trust of Baa and Ketan both. Pakhi was pitiful that Naksh has filled his heart with utter hatred for her. Naksh forbids Pakhi to attempt being a pious wife, she can only be that…. He tries to remove her Sindoor and Mangal Sooter but Pakhi stops him. She says not even a husband is permitted to remove them. Naksh argues he can put it on someone else then.

In the room, Rimjhim was getting ready. Naksh comes to her and offers to put on the Sindoor. Pakhi stood at the door of the room. Naksh thinks about his promises to Pakhi. His hands shiver while eyes still on Pakhi. Rimjhim clutches his hand and forces it towards her hairline. All at once, they hear some kinners shouting downstairs. The sindoor bottle fell over, and Naksh walks out of the room. Pakhi laughs saying she knew Naksh can never do so.

Downstairs, the kinners dance and sing for the new couple. They ask Baa to get the blessings for the new couple. The kinner spots Rimjhim and Pakhi both and asks Naksh about his real bride. Pakhi at once get to their feet and asks them to bless her and Naksh’s couple. Naksh was about to claim Rimjhim as his wife. The kinner says they got a third eye, and recognizes Pakhi and Naksh have been made for each other. They ask Pakhi’s name, then figures out that Naksh means moon, and Pakhi means ‘Chakori- a bird enamored of the moon’; it’s a perfect mix. Baa smiles happily. Naksh turns to leave but kinners stop them and dances around Pakhi and Naksh.

Rimjhim stands at a corner. She thinks she had planned to kill Mosmi. Now Pakhi will never be able to prove the truth. One of the kinners walked upstairs into Mosmi’s room. Janki left for upstairs but the kinner successfully hides behind the door. Baa signals Mamta to go inside.

In Mosmi’s room, the nurse asks the kinner what he is up to. The kinner says the old one is lying in the room, she moves ahead to pray for Mosmi. Then sends the nurse to get warm water.

Downstairs, Baa asks Mamta why she brought five gifts, the kinner are four. Pakhi looks around thinking that kinners were five, where is the fifth one.

In Mosmi’s room, the kinner takes a dagger from inside its pocket. Rimjhim smirked in the corner. Pakhi was alert and hurries upstairs. The kinner moved close towards Mosmi and was about to push the dagger deep into Mosmi’s body.

The group of kinners take the gifts from Baa and leaves.

Pakhi opens the door of room and finds the kinner holding a dagger over Mosmi. She screams for Naksh.

PRECAP: Pakhi fights the kinner. The nurse comes to their help. The kinner attacks Pakhi with the dagger.


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