Hamari Bahu Silk 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Aakash tells Pakhi some thing she is doing is incorrect. Pakhi reminds him the time he got the agreement signed from her, and he or she became pleading for his help in her Ayi’s case. She changed into already certain Natasha become behind it. Natasha curtly says Pakhi can’t terrify Natasha Mitra. Pakhi says she wonders what would media think while police would handcup Natasha and take her to jail. Natasha shouts but Aakash calms her. Aakash says Pakhi can’t do it. Pakhi needs Aakash the identical deal as he had placed, settlement or prison. They need to go back the original reproduction of her contract, and she or he will withdraw her grievance. Else Natasha will visit jail and must shoot behind the bars, Sulagta Jism at the back of the Bars. She reminds Aakash his questions, settlement or jail, and nowadays she reciprocates the query over Natasha.

Aakash concurs and is going internal to carry the settlement replica. Aakash says they only were given the agreement signed to expose it to manufacturer, however it’s very well if Pakhi doesn’t trust them. Pakhi reads the exceptional recording agreement and takes a lighter to burn it. Natasha asserts, the sport isn’t yet over. Pakhi replies, it has ended for her. Aakash asks Pakhi about the inspector. Pakhi replies this is the distinction among her and Natasha, she received’t overlook her promise. outside, Pakhi apologizes the inspector that there has been a false impression. The inspector appreciates Pakhi’s efforts for buying the 2 women abducted. Pakhi want Natasha a best of good fortune and leaves. Kapadia asks what the problem is, why police came to his workplace; he minds that he wishes the same dubbing voice for his movie.

Naksh stood outdoor the house with Pakhi and Janki. Janki changed into afraid and no longer equipped to come in. Naksh convinces them that Baa is like coconut, difficult from outdoor but smooth at coronary heart. He tells them to watch for a while and he will communicate to Baa. in the corridor, Baa throws the baggage over Naksh. She became furious and says Naksh can’t stay here. Naksh asks what he has achieved. Baa calls Mosmi and performs the video for Naksh. Baa says that members of Parekh own family can’t even think what he has carried out. Ketan tells Mosmi that Baa is set to expel Naksh from the house, what about her sister now. Mosmi advocates that Naksh is young and Baa ought to forgive him. Baa says she will be able to’t forgive Naksh for ruining the name of their family. Janki runs outside and thinks if Baa can’t forgive her grandson, how she could forgive them. Pakhi says Naksh is in trouble because of them, they are able to’t leave.

Natasha became frustrated in her condominium. She become livid over Pakhi’s plan. Aakash comes to blame that its Natasha’s recreation, she began this all. He may want to have without difficulty got her Ayi released, however Natasha desired a revenge. He tries to get a few experience in Natasha, nevertheless Natasha says she can do something however get a revenge from Pakhi.

Pakhi comes inside and tells Baa that Naksh had no mistake in all this. Naksh thinks Baa could be angrier watching Pakhi. Baa questions who allowed Pakhi to come in. Pakhi says Baa’s would possibly; she doesn’t want her to dis own her grandson for no reason. Baa asks if wants to persuade that Naksh isn’t there in the video. Pakhi says she accepts that Naksh is inside the video and people ladies are call woman. The police have been seeking out them for long, and right here Naksh proved to be a practical and accountable citizen. Naksh were given them arrested in the police station. Baa wasn’t ready to consider in Pakhi. Pakhi indicates Baa the photographs taken in police station. Baa as an alternative inquires what Pakhi became doing in the police station. Naksh intervenes wherein else Pakhi could have gone. Pakhi become homeless, so she reached police station. Baa says the girl is aware that innocent humans by no means visit police stations. where is her mom? Pakhi says her mother lives where she does. Ayi seems at the door and joins her hands to greet. Pakhi apologizes Baa for whatever took place, with none clarifications. She only want that Baa lets in them to live in her residence, they do not need to go back to police station.

Precap: Baa forbids Naksh to recommend outsiders in front of her. Naksh says all right, he might cross and tell them to depart.


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