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inside the room, Baa says that Janki didn’t discover an area to live and now despatched her daughter for apology. Naksh says they are responsible. Baa forbids him to advise outsiders at domestic. She reminds nobody is authorized to intervene in her remember, no longer even Naksh. Naksh says very well, he might inform them to go away. Baa stops Naksh and says her added up doesn’t allow her to send two girls homeless presently of night. She lets in them to stay for the night, but they ought to leave right earlier than 5 am.

Mamta brings food for Pakhi and Janki. each had been hungry and devour intently. Mamta says that is Baa’s added up that visitors have to no longer leave hungry. Naksh comes there and tells Pakhi that Baa has allowed them to stay handiest for the night time. however they must leave earlier than five am. Janki and Pakhi go away the plates. Naksh persuade that Baa is indignant at the moment, he will definitely communicate to her in the morning. Baa calls them. Naksh says they have to tell him if in want. Janki was tensed where they may pass. Mamta was also concerned and requests them to consume something. Mosmi watches this from upstairs and became curt within the room that how Naksh and Pakhi became buddy. Ketan involves the room. Mosmi turned into irritated at Ketan for by no means supporting him. Ketan adjustments her temper, and gives to play her preferred hunter sport. Mosmi goes inside. Ketan became relieved he changed Mosmi’s thoughts. Mosmi comes to the room dressed up and whipping a hunter. Ketan questions why she is popping romance to movement. Mosmi warns Ketan she won’t spare him if there’s some thing growing among Naksh and Pakhi.

the subsequent morning, Baa finds Janki and Pakhi nonetheless within the corridor. She questions why they didn’t depart. Janki apologizes Baa, it’s her mistake that she said a lot to her meaningless. Baa says it’s good that Janki apologized, she could now be capable of go away this residence lightheartedly. She tells them to depart the house now. Naksh stood upstairs. Baa, Janki and Naksh turn to see Pakhi bring a few heavy bags of grains internal. Pakhi was out of breathe and says the weather is extraordinarily bad out of doors and could destroy the grain bags. She idea about looking after them earlier than they depart. Naksh involves help Pakhi, involved that the bags are extremely heavy. Baa tries to raise a bag and feels it become as heavy as Janki.

Later, Baa asks Pakhi why she desire to live here on this residence. She had a great process, and can lease an amazing house for herself and her mother. Pakhi explains she has no process now, her corporation were given an employee with lesser salary. Baa became prepared for the choose that they shouldn’t depart her house hungry. Ketan comes to tell Baa that their cook dinner has left. Baa became tensed how they may control now, its Bhai Jee’s dinner nowadays. Pakhi requests to help them. Janki says Pakhi is a excellent cook dinner and may help Baa, however if she likes Pakhi’s cooking she need to permit them within the residence. Pakhi qualifies it’s no longer a circumstance, it’s just a go back of fashion. Baa lets in Pakhi to cook dinner, as she has to leave for an essential venture. There, Mosmi thinks she will be able to’t allow Pakhi cook dinner properly.

Pakhi involves Janki for her help with the cooking. Janki become irritated that Pakhi didn’t tell her about the loss of her activity. Pakhi persuade that God snatches from them to gift them something better. Janki turned into glad. Pakhi hugs Janki, determined to win the task they have got proper now.

inside the apartment, Pinky persuade Natasha to have a sip of juice. Aakash comes to inform them that he made up to Kapadia that Natasha is sick. He asks Natasha how long it’s going to preserve. The truth is, they do no longer have a voice and Pakhi won’t go back. He endorse about sending ‘Sorry’ messages to Pakhi. Pinky wasn’t satisfied, however Natasha tells him to start sending “Sorry” messages.

Mosmi tells Pakhi that dishes might take greater than 2 hours to clean. It’s Bhai Ji’s dinner who’s an essential aide of Ashram’s caretaker. She similarly says the workforce is away due to delivery hassle. Naksh asks Mosmi why she is terrifying them. Pakhi became excessive at spirits and asks for absolutely everyone’s hand for assist. Mamta joins Janki and Naksh, and indicators Mosmi to be their associate as well.

Baa watches the complete own family at work, together with every other. Mosmi eyes Pakhi and Naksh as they revel in with one another. Ketan stood outdoor the kitchen whilst Mosmi comes there. He discusses with Mosmi about the chemistry of Pakhi and Naksh. He tells Mosmi to discover some other thought for her sister, she received’t get whatever here.

Natasha turned into running on tread mill. Pinky pumps Natasha that Pakhi didn’t respond to any of her messages. Natasha says she ought to type a message via herself now. Pakhi’s cellphone become constantly ringing with message tone. Naksh walks in the direction of her and about to examine Natasha Madam’s message however the display goes off. He palms the cellphone to Pakhi. Pakhi turned into shocked to read the messages.

PRECAP: Pakhi leaves the gasoline cylinder on, with no backup. Baa become irritated and tells her to depart earlier than she returns.


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