Hamari Bahu Silk 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Naksh laments the guarantee. Presently he will again need to see the substance of that Pakhi. In the kitchen, Pakhi objects why Naksh came here. Naksh answers he just needs to drink water. After Naksh had left, Pakhi giggles over him. Naksh was baffled that Pakhi needed to battle him today. Naksh writings Silk, imagine a scenario in which he doesn’t send her Cooking Photographs. Pakhi answers, it’s okay; she can’t drive him. Naksh comes to kitchen again and starts to cut the tomatoes. Pakhi prods that a sovereign approached work in kitchen today. Naksh says he simply needed to. Pakhi inquires as to whether his mind changed. Naksh answers, not under any condition. He qualifies he came here so that there isn’t some other slip-ups from Pakhi. Pakhi quietly feels that Silk did what Pakhi proved unable.

Naksh takes the photographs of nourishment. He sees there were messages on Pakhi’s telephone. Pakhi immediately grabs her telephone from Naksh and rushes him to pack the sustenance. Pakhi’s telephone leaves request, she puts both sim into a solitary telephone. Pakhi prepares the lunch boxes, at that point thinks about how she would make Naksh convey the sustenance. Baa comes there to make a call and snatches Pakhi’s versatile. Pakhi was frightened imagine a scenario in which Natasha calls, or Naksh. She goes outside into the corridor and hits Naksh. Naksh was irritated that his application was shut. Pakhi attempts to ask Naksh convey the nourishment, yet he leaves.

Pakhi goes to Baa’s room. She was being exasperates by Pakhi’s constantly gotten messages. Pakhi notification Baa’s telephone had recovered sign. She takes her telephone from Baa. Silk calls Naksh and inquires as to whether he prepared this nourishment, what the need to cook so much was. Naksh says his family has a providing food business. Silk shouts amazing, it’s a fascinating business. She says Naksh would then need to go to conveyance. He answers it’s his manager’s strain. Silk persuade Naksh that he should go for conveyance, and be the essence of business. He should not leave the credit. Naksh guarantees to go for conveyance. He at that point asks her name. Silk says for now, her name is 10.35. Pakhi grins after the call. Naksh inhales thinking there is some enchantment in this voice.

Natasha was in her loft. A stone was tossed in from outside. Natasha peruses the note with it, compromising her and requesting that she should persuade Kapadia to restore the cash. Natasha smiles thinking of it as some trick by any fan. Before long, she gets a call from Private Number. A goon undermines her to persuade Kapadia for his installment, else none of his group will be saved effectively. Naksh arrives at prevent Pakhi from leaving for conveyance. He says he would go for conveyance himself, as he prepared the sustenance. Naksh leaves. Pakhi was strained how she will currently leave for Natasha’s work.

Baa goes to Pakhi’s room and was stressed who will take the conveyance now. Janki says she had been working since morning. Pakhi discloses to Baa that Naksh has gone for conveyance. Baa takes Janki alongside her, as Pakhi is experiencing occasional fever. Pakhi sits up and expels the onion from her underarm. Mosmi watches this and miracles what she should do now. Mosmi and Janki go along and wish to take Pakhi ground floor. Pakhi was prepared to leave for work however covers herself with a cover. The specialist had come ground floor. Pakhi avoids the specialist by dunking the thermometer in tea. The specialist endorses medications for her. In the room, Pakhi spot pads in her bed and covers them with cover. She supposes nobody must come in here, she will carry on with another existence of hers.

Precap: Naksh was in the studio. The goons had overwhelmed, and calls Silk to come outside else they will shoot everybody on set. Pakhi took cover behind a divider and was panicked


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