Hamari Bahu Silk 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Natasha rehearses with Pakhi’s named voice. Aakash comes inside and positive that he will before long discover this young lady. Natasha says she can no chance lose this young lady.

At home, Pakhi discovers her Ayi cleaning the plates from table. She furiously tosses her sack over the table. Ayi was frightened. Pakhi whines why she carries on as a house keeper. She whines that Ayi is the proprietor of the house, Kaka Kaki are more youthful yet at the same time won’t help with house tasks. She takes the plates from Ayi.

The following morning, Aakash comes to disclose to Natasha they found the voice. He had brought the young lady of token 122.

He advises her to rehash the lines. The young ladies rehash the lines. Aakash hinders and advises her to rehash it as she did in RJ chase. They weren’t fulfilled.

Kaka and Kaki were in their room. Kaki attempted some adornments. Pakhi says she needed to address him, her Ayi deals with everybody. At any rate Kaki can wash the dishes. Kaki answers to Pakhi that her Ayi completes a great deal of work, she has tremendous agony in her back. She is even unfit to twist. Kaki drops the adornments and effectively curves down to search for the stud. Pakhi thinks abruptly that it isn’t possible. Kaka requests that Kaki rub a cream over his head for cerebral pain. Pakhi supplanted the cream with another analgesic.

Aakash plays the account of Pakhi’s voice. The young lady says this isn’t her voice. Natasha yells at her to leave, if this isn’t her voice. The young lady rather affronts Natasha’s male voice. Aakash feels powerless.

Pakhi carries drug to Ayi. She hears Kaka yelling for assistance. His scalp was consuming and glances around for water. Pakhi advises her Ayi this is discipline for making her Ayi cry.

The following day, Pakhi sat in an office with her Baba’s companion. They talk about how solid expectations her dad held. When he booked the house, he never lost expectation and turned into a proprietor of the house. Pakhi says she is appreciative that they have their very own home, else house rents are rocket flying nowadays.

It was evening. Pakhi achieves home and finds the baggage of Kaka Kaki moving. Inside, Kaka discloses to Pakhi that they are leaving today around evening time for Sataram. Pakhi was cheerful, at that point says they can come here whenever. They are here. Kaka says Pakhi should live here, they can discover a house close-by. Pakhi was stunned. Kaki reveals to Pakhi they have sold the house. Pakhi was powerless.

Natasha demonstrates the named video to Kapadia. Kapadia was content with the voice, and says he needs this voice for the motion picture. Else this image can’t be made.

Ayi cries and questions Ashok why he did this, he grabbed their rooftop too. Ashok says he took weight of their family. Pakhi questions what weight they held. Her dad took advance and contributing every one of his investment funds for his business. Ashok says they had misfortune in business and needed to sell house. Pakhi purges the packs of Kaka and Kaki, the gems box drops down. She currently questions how this house had been named after him, it ought to have been named after her Ayi. They just meandered with the papers of the protection, however they never got protection. Kaka grins. Pakhi now comprehends he took her Ayi’s marks. She says her Baba dependably guaranteed he has two kids, one is Pakhi and other is Ashok. In any case, Ashok sell his home. She was resolved not to go out at any rate. Ashok says now, the new proprietors of the house will make them leave. Two young fellows came inside, and were coyly prepared to let Pakhi remain. Pakhi’s Ayi advises Pakhi to go, and demands Ashok to give them a chance to take a couple of their usable and a few recollections of his sibling.

Pakhi’s Ayi’s take her mangal sooter, and some gems. The stroll outside. Ashok contacts the feet of Ayi and leave with his better half. Ayi cries while checking out the house. Pakhi miss her dad and comes to comfort her Ayi.

Precap: Aakash asks Natasha for what reason she took that voice to Kapadia. Natasha says she couldn’t bear to be supplanted from the film. Pakhi comes to meet Natasha for being her PA.


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