Hamari Bahu Silk 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The goon calls at the loudspeaker that he has the remote to control the bomb. Pakhi thinks she must save Naksh. Natasha asks what she is considering. Pakhi says she ought to store Naksh, life is precious. The goon warns everybody to stay wherein they’re and let him leave, else he’s going to press the button. The goon involves Pakhi and says her hero become being too clever, he should now die. Kapadia tells the goon to test his cellular, the transaction is in development. the alternative man says he cancelled the transaction. The goons take Kapadia along. Pakhi thinks those human beings will kill Naksh, she wonders what to do. She spots Aakash enter the main corridor. Aakash indicators her now not to speak, he’s around.

Ketan requests the police to assist his brother. The bomb disposal crew became working at the bomb. At home, Mosmi asks Janki wherein Pakhi has long gone. She changed into unwell. If her daughter is a liar. on the returned gate, Kapadia requests the lead goon to leave him. He has young youngsters at domestic. They were cautious of the police on the again door. The lead goon calls the only inside the corridor to pop out. Pakhi indicators Natasha. each tie the goon with the aid of swirling around him. Aakash jumps in to shield everybody, he grabs the gun and beats the goon, then frees every body. Pakhi wasn’t prepared to head without Naksh. Natasha says she isn’t any super woman. Pakhi says she won’t be of use, however Silk may also show to be a tremendous female.

Pakhi modifications her voice and stops the goon from leaving. She asks if he received’t take her along. The goon asks in which she were. Silk says he never looked for her.

in the meantime, Aakash and Natasha accumulate a smoke system, and pretend bomb.

The goon became again internal, now not ready to go without this voice.

Naksh’s bomb ticks last 30 sec.

Aakash throws bomb and a smoke gadget to the again gallery. The goons get severe cough, and were about to faint. Pakhi jumps out and picks the faraway of bomb from the goon’s pocket.

Naksh become terrified as the bomb ticks last few seconds. Naksh cries thinking about Baa’s issue, she hadn’t desired him to move for delivery. Pakhi comes from in the back of and stops anybody. She throws the far off to the disposal crew.

outdoor, police had accrued the crew of goons. Kapadia right now jumps towards the police. The goons needed to give up with arms up.

The bomb disposal squad successfully turns the bomb off at the ultimate 00.01 sec. anybody at domestic become relieved. Ketan comes to hug Naksh and expresses his relief. Pakhi involves Naksh, each observe every other carefully. The goons bypass via the hall. Pakhi nods at Aakash and Natasha happily. Aakash hugs Natasha fortunately as they may be safe now. At home, Mamta helps Janki. Naksh thank you Pakhi who cries resting her head over his chest.

At home, Mosmi asks Pakhi how she reached there. She didn’t pass for delivery because she turned into ill. Naksh interrupts Mosmi, as Pakhi stored his lifestyles. Mosmi says Naksh is innocent, Mamta cried and Baa changed into tensed. Pakhi is answerable for the entirety. Janki argues how she will blame Pakhi, she saved the existence of Naksh. Mosmi argues if Janki would also speak against them. Baa stops Mosmi, and says they have to thank Pakhi due to the fact she delivered her grandson returned. She joins her hand, however Pakhi right away holds her hands. She says Baa is elder, her palms aren’t to be joint; they’re for advantages. Baa hugs Pakhi and appreciates her.

Upstairs in the hall, Naksh attempts to speak to Pakhi. Pakhi smiles that it feels thanks is hard for him. Naksh says thanks. Pakhi clears her ears, and asks him to repeat another time. Naksh was louder this time. Pakhi says in recent times, people thank you as though it’s a desire. Naksh pulls Pakhi toward himself, gets rid of her glasses. She asks what he’s doing. Naksh says he’s bringing her nearer, looking into her eyes and wants to clarify he owes her everything she did. he will shop her life if she ever desires it. Naksh Parekh doesn’t take favors for lengthy. Pakhi looks away and says its duty of a chairman to take care of their people. Naksh argues he isn’t any employee. Pakhi demanding situations they will see the next day. each stroll in contrary instructions.

in the room, Janki brings dried spices to remove any evil from Pakhi. Pakhi wonders what her Ayi must do, stay as Pakhi or Silk.


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