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Pakhi proposes that they should call the police, she searches for her PDA yet had overlooked hers in the washroom. Natasha’s telephone was with Pinky, while Kapadia additionally didn’t have his telephone. They attempt to stop Pakhi, however Pakhi says she isn’t the one to sit inertly and watch the dramatization. Somebody should go out on a limb and accomplish something. She opens the entryway, and spots the goons moving toward the store room. She stops till they leave, at that point heads outside.

Rimjhim attempts to take Naksh’s consideration. He was disturbed and advises the driver to drive securely. He at that point makes Rimjhim sit at a separation. Pakhi by one way or another figures out how to go into the cosmetics room. She searches for her telephone. At the same time, the telephone chime rings. The goons were mindful and comes inside to cosmetics space to look in. Pakhi had quieted her telephone by at that point and covered up in a bureau. The goons had left the room. She leaves the storage room bureau warily.

Kapadia sat in the store room panicked. Natasha leaves the store space to search for Pakhi. Kapadia thought about himself. Pakhi calls the police headquarters however the telephone’s battery was low. The goons had come to behind her, she gets mindful at the snap of firearm and pivots, terrified.Natasha figures out how to go from the secondary passage however was stunned to be gotten at weapon point. Pakhi snatches a shower jug and opens it into the goon’s eyes. His eyes consume and he fell on the floor. Pakhi gets hold of the weapon, wounds the goon on his head with it and leaves him with draining head into the cosmetics room.

Rimjhim and Naksh arrived at the Neel Kamal Studio. Rimjhim was energized as she had never observed film shooting. Outside the studio, Pakhi supposes she should go to police headquarters to illuminate the police. She turns out and was stunned to see Naksh and Rimjhim outside the studio. She attempts to stop him yet they hustle inside. Natasha sat in the corridor as hostage. One of the goons perceives her as the star of his evenings. The lead goon gets some information about Kapadia. Natasha says she will let him know, however wouldn’t like to be shot. The goons and everybody in the group snickers over her masculine voice. They inquire as to whether she turned into a courageous woman with this voice. Naksh and Rimjhim came inside. The goon asks them for what good reason they came here. Naksh says they wanted conveyance of sustenance. Naksh looks towards Natasha and says it appears as though a B reviewed film, take a gander at Natasha-their lead entertainer. Rimjhim takes a signature from Natasha. The lead goon murmurs to his men that they are outcasts and must not be suspicious that there is something incorrectly here. Naksh and Rimjhim leave the sets. Natasha tells the goon that Kapadia is in the store room.

Pakhi pursues Kapadia and says her telephone went dead, she couldn’t call police. She discloses to Kapadia they can leave from the indirect access. Kapadia demands Pakhi to lead the way. Pakhi and Kapadia arrive at the indirect access however it was monitored. She sends Kapadia inside, till she finds another way.

Mosmi watches a trailer of Dilli Darling. She calls Rimjhim about it. Rimjhim discloses to her she met Natasha. Outside the studio, Rimjhim peruses to Naksh that Natasha has composed SOS as signature. Naksh gets the alert. He powers Rimjhim to sit in the van, while he goes inside to check the circumstance.

The goons didn’t discover Kapadia in the store room. The lead goon presently undermines Natasha that in the event that he doesn’t get Kapadia, he will slaughter every last one of them. Naksh supposes he should bring police here as quickly as time permits. One of the goons fight against eminent loss, and undermines Naksh at the firearm point. He takes Naksh inside. Rimjhim and the driver watch this. The driver takes the vehicle back.

Naksh was brought into the lobby by the goons. They get some information about the young lady going with him. Naksh chooses not to let them know and says she should be on the set. The harmed goon goes to the lobby and educates them regarding a young lady who kept running from cosmetics room. In the set, somebody makes reference to it should be Silk. The goon takes a mic and calls Silk to come outside, else they will execute Naksh. Pakhi was concerned what she ought to do. They perceive her as Silk, and Naksh will perceive her. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which she doesn’t go. The goon asks Naksh about his name, and takes steps to murder him if Silk doesn’t show up. They start the commencement. Pakhi talks, she is here. The lead goon inquires as to whether this is Silk. Naksh questions why they are calling her as Silk, and what she is doing here. Pakhi contends he is held at weapon point, and still needs to know why they are calling her as Silk.

Rimjhim gets back home and informs Mosmi concerning Naksh being hostage in hands of goons. The goons held Pakhi at firearm point and inquires as to whether she viewed herself as Jhansi Ki Rani, and pondered battling everybody. Naksh was enraged why they are conversing with a young lady. The lead goon currently gets Naksh’s neckline and hinders him to demonstrate their masculine hood. Pakhi recognizes a wire around and gives the lead goon electric stun. He trembles and blacks out on the floor. Naksh hurries to get the weapon and powers everybody to toss their firearms, else he will shoot their supervisor. Pakhi trembles that she didn’t mean to murder him, she doesn’t give his man a chance to give the goon water. Naksh inquires as to whether she is insane, this man planned to end their lives. Pakhi says it was his aim, not hers. Naksh asks Pakhi why he called her Silk. He says she was sick, and Baa needed to cook a ton at home in view of her. Pakhi contends regardless of they call her cotton, or Silk; it’s not his issue to worry about. Naksh demands to find a solution.

Ketan tells the investigator that his sibling was held by goons. He affirms the Studio area from Baa, at that point guarantees on telephone to be there too. Baa thinks his heart trembled as of now while sending Naksh, she ought to have passed independent from anyone else. Mosmi sends Rimjhim to deal with Mosmi who had been crying. Ketan says he is going with the police. The lead goon had woken up and snatches the firearm from Naksh. They tie hands of Pakhi, Naksh and Natasha behind them. Pakhi and Naksh contend for not centering and putting each other in inconveniences consistently.

The lead goon goes to a space to search for Kapadia. Kapadia creeps behind the closet. Natasha closes Pakhi and Naksh up, and grumbles that she had composed SOS for Naksh, still he didn’t call the police and came here. Naksh says he came inside to support them, staking his very own life. He asks Pakhi how Natasha knows her. Natasha mumbles everybody knows her.

Kapadia avoids the goon sagaciously. Naksh was curious how everybody knows her as Silk. He inquires as to whether she is Silk. What she does? Natasha says Pakhi comes here to convey sustenance. Silk is another courageous woman of her film. Pakhi felt she was being called and came to front. Naksh inquires as to why she was being called as gifted. Natasha says they just observed the trailer of electric stun. Pakhi attests that she just came here to check Naksh, as she didn’t confide in him. Naksh asks who Kapadia is. Pakhi says he is the maker, at that point without a moment’s delay affirms from Natasha about it. Natasha says truly, he is the maker.

The goon got Kapadia in a jokester’s clothing. Kapadia now sat on his knees in the lobby. He was unnerved. The lead goon requests him cash to spare his life. Kapadia consents to give the ideal cash. The goon requests a PC, and says everything is computerized nowadays. He powers Kapadia to move cash in his record. The record was titled, ‘Samaj Seva Cause’, the goon guarantees police won’t discover anything.

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