Hamari Bahu Silk 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Natasha challenges him notice her dad. The young fellow says he knows well her identity, he and his portable aren’t keen on her by any means. He calls the police headquarters. Pakhi thinks whether she helps Natasha at this moment, she can win Natasha’s heart. The young fellow had a video recording of Natasha’s misstep. The police touches base there. He gripes to the police that she pulled the brakes without a horn or marker. The assessor requests a permit. Natasha guides them to take permit of the young fellow, it’s his error. The investigator perceives Natasha, and says she as of now has a sharp throat, for what reason is she yelling. Pakhi comes there, and welcomes the reviewer with the name on his name plate. She requests that the young fellow demonstrate the verification to them. She intentionally toss the telephone on the floor, and it breaks. She grins towards Natasha insidiously. She at that point accuses the young fellow why he broke his telephone, how he would demonstrate the video now. The young fellow grumbles that the telephone had his meeting, introduction and even the proof. Pakhi says in the nation, individuals get meeting calls with much trouble; how he could miss a meeting call. She murmurs to the examiner since this man appears to be tanked. The young fellow guarantees that both these young ladies are liar. Pakhi advises the overseer to check his vehicle also, he appears to be smashed. A vodka container was found from the vehicle. The young fellow demands that he isn’t flushed, this jug isn’t his. The police man takes him in alcoholic and drive case. She feels terrible as the youthful person was being taken.

In the condo, Aakash says thanks to Pakhi and pays her some cash. Pakhi says she just needs a vocation of Natasha’s PA. The cosmetics craftsman insults that Pakhi knows nothing. Pakhi answers that he was just expanding feelings of anxiety of himself or Natasha. She set that Vodka bottle into the other vehicle, else Natasha would have been in prison. Natasha consents to give her a brief employment of 10,000. Pakhi demands some more, as this won’t be sufficient for her home cost. Pakhi thinks for some time. She checks if the case had been documented, she would need to pay 10,000. Aakash offers for 20,000. Pakhi thinks this carries each slap cost to 700, however Ayi’s grin is worth 9 lac. She acknowledges the offer. Natasha advises Pakhi to substantiate herself that she is justified, despite all the trouble. Pakhi thinks her activity is conclusive, presently she should go to police headquarters and understand that young fellow discharged.

The young fellow was still in police headquarters. Pakhi calls the police headquarters as Natasha. The reviewer was elated to hear her. Pakhi guides him to leave that young fellow, he is a fanatic of hers. The young fellow had played out his No-liquor test. The examiner consented to discharge that young fellow. Pakhi cuts the call. The overseer fakes that ‘Thank you isn’t required’. He saves the young fellow.

During the evening, Pakhi and Rati sat together. Rati wasn’t content with Pakhi’s activity as Natasha is certifiably not an all around rumored or An evaluation film star. Pakhi says she couldn’t care less about Natasha, she feels for Ayi. They grabbed her Ayi’s home, it appears her better half kicked the bucket by and by. Rati asks what she would advise her Ayi.

Later in the room, Pakhi was disturbed by Ayi’s inquiries. She says she found a new line of work, at that point understands her trouble making. She says it’s a CA’s associate employment. Ayi inquires as to whether she is glad. She asks on the grounds that she was apprehensive for her. It takes society a couple of hours to accuse the character of a young lady. Ayi now asks Pakhi to wash her hands, while she will serve the sustenance.

Aakash causes the set to up. He acquaints Natasha with a voice mentor. He advises her to do anything, Natasha needs to sound s*xy, sexy and tempting. Natasha must name in her own voice. Natasha yells at Aakash that he is squandering his own time, she knows acting and no other maker had any issue with it. Aakash discloses to Natasha that she made the inconvenience herself, she gave the elevated standard to Kapadia. He advises her to coordinate. Natasha yells at Aakash to find that young lady at any rate, it’s his activity and it was his plan to get the RJ chase.

Pakhi goes to the washroom. She wails as she had deceived Ayi, at that point addresses Baba that she misled Ayi by and by. She washes with cleanser water. She supposes she will discover a house for Ayi till tomorrow.

Precap: Aakash reveals to Kapadia that this young lady isn’t prepared for naming. Kapadia guides them to close the motion picture now. An old woman presents the new paying visitor, Pakhi to the grandson. It was a similar person in police headquarters.


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