Hamari Bahu Silk 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Baa consumes flavors to push off stink eye from Naksh. Baa advises Naksh to proceed to take rest now. Naksh grumbles Baa had never thought about his dad like this. Mamta hinders and admonishes him to consistently look at, and be rude of Baa’s worries. Naksh says Mamta has consistently been partial to Baa, yet he was never addressed why his dad left.

Pakhi and Ketan needed to go for conveyance. Pakhi says she has overlooked her satchel and goes upstairs. She calls Natasha that she is stuck in an issue and probably won’t most likely come till night. Natasha answers she will oversee. Aakash questions Natasha how she will deal with, their chief is very obstinate. Natasha says they must be others conscious. She acknowledges Pakhi completed an immense support yesterday, they should think about her.

Outside Parekh House, Naksh questions Pakhi where she is going. Pakhi inquires as to whether he is suspicious, she is going to sanctuary. He asks why Silk didn’t consider her and attempts her number. At NK studio, Pakhi names for Natasha. The executive cuts the scene and reproves Natasha for taking eighth retake. Natasha says regardless of how late it gets, she will finish every one of the scenes today. The executive enjoys a reprieve.

In the cosmetics room, Pinky brings a beverage for Natasha. Natasha blend it in her juice and sends it for Silk. Aakash attempts to stop Natasha, Pakhi is working for her as of now. Natasha composes ShaRAM on a paper and says the excursion from Sharam to Ramm is intense. Pakhi was in the cosmetics room when the juice was served for her. She drinks it all in stress.

It was morning, Naksh twists and contacts Baa’s feet for favors. Baa says she realized he would acknowledge her desire. Naksh says he had bowed down to get the pen, however he will at that point accepting her endowments too. However, he will never be a piece of her work, he doesn’t concur with her reasoning.

Pakhi was high and strolls to the corridor. There she moves around amidst entire team, wildly. Natasha and Aakash were likewise hauled into the moving game. Natasha signals the DJ to turn the music more intense. The executive shouts none more likely than not suspected there will be a gathering young lady in such a guiltless young lady. Natasha watches a man taking Pakhi’s video. Natasha breaks his telephone forcefully. Aakash questions Natasha. Natasha reveals to Aakash she just needs to break her inner self. She had asserted her work as tarnished and bold, she just needs Pakhi blameworthy. She at any rate doesn’t need Pakhi to get in a tough situation and leave her work.

Precap: Pakhi sat in the city harried that she got alcoholic, how she will return home in such condition. Pakhi returns home alcoholic


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