Hamari Bahu Silk 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pakhi pivots and watches Mosmi behind, she without a moment’s delay place the telephone and starts her work. Rimjhim goes upstairs to rest once more, Mosmi leaves the kitchen. Pakhi gets the telephone. Naksh inquires as to whether there was somebody there. She answers her family. She says she loves his business. She wants to eat, and he has a providing food business. She gives him want to meet. Naksh was glad.

In the kitchen, Naksh demands Pakhi to peruse the menu. Pakhi asks what he needs to do with it. Naksh says he just came to support him. Naksh peruses the menu, he was glad that three among these are his companion’s preferred dishes. He chooses to cook them. Pakhi inquires as to why just them three. Naksh demonstrates disposition that it’s none of her activity. She was irritated that she won’t show him with such a frame of mind. He was prepared to gain from her feeling great. Pakhi instructs Naksh to make round bread. Baa watches through the entryway. Naksh was content with his cooking. Pakhi supposes she will probably deal with the double life if Naksh underpins her totally.

In the studio, everybody murmurs regarding Pakhi’s various faceted character. Pakhi hears the tattling and was stressed. She gets a call from Baa. Baa reprimands Pakhi that she went isolated for conveyance, why she didn’t take Ketan along. Pakhi says Ketan was occupied, she needed to deal with it herself. Baa inquires as to why she is late, when the conveyance is finished. Pakhi says she came to library, to peruse some cooking books and add to their menu.

After the call, Pakhi was prepared for naming shot. She talks as Silk, ‘she isn’t the unsanitary individual, messy is their aims; nobody can make you feel dingy on the off chance that you are great on a fundamental level’. The chief was dazzled by the lines and says he will utilize these lines in the content. Natasha objects it wasn’t in content. Pakhi leaves the studio.

At home, Pakhi goes to Naksh’s room. He was irritated and would not like to address her. Pakhi says she came in to express gratitude toward him, his lines about unfilthy being contacted her. She attempts to make his state of mind up, at that point requests that he be in kitchen in time tomorrow. Naksh sat with his face on the opposite side. At the point when Pakhi had left, he quietly figures nobody can comprehend his agony; what the need to tell anybody is. He gets a call. It was Silk, who perceives the dryness of his voice. She inquires as to whether he is fine, since he normally is amazingly curious in this planning. Pakhi solicits the reason from his pity. Naksh cries and discloses to her that he needed to take an interest in a photography rivalry, and today its outcomes have been declared. He feels upset since he could have been the champ of the challenge; however he is a finished failure.

Pakhi reviews how Baa had shrouded his camera. Naksh says he is a picture taker, not a cook. Pakhi watches a cooking magazine before her, and gets a thought. She imparts it to Naksh, and inquires as to whether he has ever considered sustenance photography. She has seen the photographs he sent to her; these are just minor photographs. In the event that he utilizes great light, and uses great camera to click these photographs they will get a huge number of preferences via web-based networking media. Naksh was astute for some time. He was energetic about her thought. Naksh was irritated at his manager, who cases he resembles a tyke who discards the sketch book when can’t draw. Pakhi was chafed that she just needed to improve his state of mind. After the call, Pakhi pivots and was stunned to see Janki behind her. Janki gets some information about a torn cover which is presently unsalvageable. Pakhi guarantees to bring her another one.

The following morning, Baa advises Mosmi to call Ketan ground floor. They hear something break in the kitchen. Baa resented Pakhi. Mosmi was upbeat that Pakhi will get seriously reprimanded today. Baa was stunned to investigate the kitchen. Pakhi shows up from behind Mosmi and together they go to kitchen. Naksh says he is cooking in the kitchen according to the present menu, nobody needs to scrutinize the reasons. Baa taps Pakhi’s back. Pakhi was glad that Pakhi was not effective, yet in any event Silk’s voice played the enchantment.

PRECAP: The legend of Natasha’s film attempts to attack Pakhi.


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