Hamari Bahu Silk 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Naksh inquires as to whether there was some helping when she had fallen. God has demonstrated her perfect spot today. Pakhi says Naksh must be incredibly glad that she is grimy. Naksh says she just fall in bovine manure, she needn’t be passionate. He could smell wine and asks what this is. Pakhi says there are just two individuals here. She recollects police had just gotten her one preceding. Naksh says it was likewise a portion of Pakhi’s stunt. He trusts one gets unsanitary just when he wills, else nobody can do any mischief. He leaves the washroom.

Naksh anticipates Silk’s bring in his room. He asks why he should hang tight for her call, he isn’t concerned.

In the room, Janki resented the family for never trusting Pakhi. She just got thirty minutes late, and everybody was accusing her character antagonistically. She inquires as to whether she needs to eat something. Pakhi answers she isn’t eager. In the washing shower, Pakhi sits under the shower and cries pondering what is this all.

Naksh chooses to call her by himself.Pakhi goes to the room and holds Ayi’s feet, saying ‘sorry’ Pakhi recognizes Naksh’s call, she strolls to the washroom again and accepts the call. Naksh was irritated that she didn’t accept the call. He sees Silk was strained and says inconveniences decline when shared. Silk says it’s nothing. Naksh gets some information about her preferred dishes. She cuts the call, as she breaks into tears. Naksh supposes she was without a doubt strained, he wish to associate with him.

Pakhi goes to Natasha’s loft early morning. She rushes inside. Natasha was chastening an associate chief that she is her companion, he can’t blend anything in her juice. She removes him from the set too. Natasha pivots, at that point discloses to Pakhi he is the offender. The associate executive apologizes Pakhi by contacting her feet, and takes cash from Pinky before leaving. Natasha advises Pakhi not to take any inconveniences over herself, in their industry wine is ordinary. Pakhi discloses to Natasha she won’t go to any evenings shoots once more. Natasha approaches on the off chance that she will be accessible for day time shoots. Pakhi answers she will, she should deal with her double life at any rate.

In the kitchen, Baa asks Pakhi where she had gone early morning. Pakhi answers vegetable had finished. Baa cautions Pakhi not to rehash yesterday’s mix-up, she should be in time. She gives the rundown of dishes to Pakhi, at that point sees Naksh still didn’t come. He is cheerful while doing photography. She wishes that Naksh appreciates cooking too. In the event that Pakhi can’t do this… Pakhi says she realizes she won’t be permitted in the house at that point. Pakhi chooses to improve her state of mind, as she needs to work. She progresses toward becoming Silk for Naksh to carry him to work, dials his number and peruses the rundown. Naksh was curious. Silk says this is the thing that she loves, the inquiry he posed to the previous evening. Naksh was cheerful that the fresh in her voice was back, he was beset in view of her and wished to associate with her last night. He solicits the reason from her stress.

Rimjhim goes to the corridor with grumbles of sharp throat and fever. She goes to get ready tea for her with ginger.

Naksh reveals to Silk it will most likely require some investment to confide in him. She doesn’t confide in him to share her name, yet he is a decent companion. He isn’t care for that supervisor who wounded him on his back. Pakhi quietly supposes she didn’t break his trust. Silk says here and there are misconceptions, possibly she had a few liabilities. He should attempt to see from her point of view. Pakhi pivots and was stunned to see Mosmi behind.

Precap: On the set, individuals affront Silk. Silk disrespects them on mic, and says squalor lies according to spectators.


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