Hamari Bahu Silk 9th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ayi asks why he had composed for her to return at that point. Pakhi lies that she had taken steps to go out without cooking any Satvic Chinese. Ayi was eased. Natasha peruses Pakhi’s message that she should quit sending her roses and cards. She won’t return. Pinky’s hand had swollen. Natasha guides him to discover a way and get Pakhi back. In the kitchen, Naksh talks about with Pakhi that everybody thought it was sent by him. Pakhi prods that she knows Naksh doesn’t have that quite a bit of boldness. He doesn’t have a sweetheart till such an age. He says Pakhi doesn’t too have a beau. Pakhi lies she has. She persuade Naksh to seek after his energy of photography.

Naksh says his family doesn’t need him to select it as a profession. Pakhi persuade him to demonstrate his work to the family at that point. Naksh thinks for some time, at that point examine with Pakhi about a photography rivalry. The champ will find a new line of work in London. Pakhi instructs him to apply. Naksh says he needs 25k for the challenge, yet Baa won’t concur at any expense. Pakhi offers to converse with Baa about it. Naksh doesn’t concur by any means, its Baa’s standard that one should failing to bring any references.

Pinky comes to meet Pakhi at Parekh House. Baa looks him topsy turvy, at that point asks what sort of animation he is. Pakhi leaves kitchen. Pinky heads towards Pakhi and apologizes. Everybody gazes Pakhi curiously. Pakhi grasped a blade that alarmed Pinky, she exploits that. She discloses to Baa that Pinky is a back rub man and worked at a salon, he currently gives home administrations too. Her Ayi had torment in her joints and she had procured him for back rub. Be that as it may, Pinky denied in the latest possible time and she was incensed. She advises Pinky to now back rub Baa’s feet in the event that he has arrived. Baa’s feet tickles, and she objects Pinky’s back rub. Pinky anyway feels sickened and hustles straight out of Parekh house. Baa cautions Pakhi to keep her issues out of this house, else it would just take her two minutes to toss her out of the house.

In the kitchen, Pakhi was strained about Natasha not surrendering. She supposes she should accomplish something earnestly. She chooses she should give some strain to Natasha, at that point dials her number. Natasha says she was sitting tight for Pakhi’s telephone call. Pakhi says she won’t stop; and consents to come and meet Natasha. Natasha says she will pause.

Natasha advises Aakash to make another agreement, Pakhi will be here to sign it. Mosmi brings the photographs of Bhai jee to Ayi. She says nobody thinks about Naksh’s enthusiasm and profession, however Baa couldn’t care less for his ability. There is a gigantic ability rivalry for which Naksh needs 25000 to take an interest. She asks Pakhi to address Baa about the cash. Pakhi considers Naksh’s reservations and explains she wouldn’t like to talk about the issue yet. Pakhi gets a message from Natasha, and reveals to Mosmi she wouldn’t like to talk about the issue now. She hustles for the activity. Mosmi leaves the room saying somebody should address Baa for Naksh. Janki thinks how Naksh had helped them.

Natasha’s condo was embellished. Aakash demands Pakhi to sign the agreement, they have expanded her pay also. It is favorable to them two, and nobody will inconvenience her. Pakhi peruses the agreement and inquires as to whether she too thinks so. Natasha says she got the enrichment for Pakhi’s welcome just, the blooms, the cake and the lights. She has an unexpected present for Pakhi also, her new vehicle keys. She and her mom should carry on with an actual existence of extravagance now. Pakhi was stunned. Natasha embraces Pakhi and respects her to her family. She will never give her access any sort of inconvenience in the event that she names for her. Aakash offers her the pen to hint the agreement.

Precap: Pakhi consumes the agreement and cautions Aakash and Natasha to avoid her life.


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