Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Happu teasing Rajjo. She argues with him. He romances her. She asks whom will you save, me or your mum, if we each are in problem. He thinks I m caught. Ranveer sings Kasme vaade….. Its morning. Rajjo asks Ranveer no longer to sing songs usually. Kamlesh comes home and greets her. He asks where is Katori. Katori comes. Rajjo asks him to drop children to highschool. Kamlesh says its not feasible, we’re late. Katori says you tell dad, master will not leave us if we get overdue. They depart.

Happu gets equipped. Rajjo asks him to drop the youngsters. He asks why do you say this always, i will get overdue, i’m able to lose my job. She asks Happu to mention whom will he save, Amma or no longer. He asks her to overlook it. Chamchi hears them. Happu says you are my lifestyles, i’m able to save you. Chamchi says I must go to Dadi. Ritik says meet her later, come speedy. Rajjo sings songs. Amma says Happu and that i understand keeping the sector glad. They argue. Rajjo taunts her and goes. Amma says my truth regarded sour to her. Chamchi comes domestic from faculty. She tells Amma what Happu said to Rajjo, that he’ll save Rajjo, not his mum, if they each are in problem. She says Happu stated he loves Rajjo plenty. Amma says let him come, i can see him. Benny, Rajjo, Katori and Kamlesh play badminton. Happu comes home. He joins the game. Rajjo is going to get tea. Amma comes there. Happu greets her. She is going aggravated. Happu says i’m able to get her scolding and are available. He goes after her. Bau ji asks Amma no longer to sit annoyed. She says permit me communicate to my son. Happu comes to her. Amma scolds him for telling Rajjo about saving her, now not his mum.

Amma receives upset. He pacifies her. He says I just stated this for keeping Rajjo’s coronary heart, I gained’t get a mum like you. Ritik hears them. Amma slaps Happu and sends him. Bau ji comes returned. Amma remains disappointed. He asks her to grin. She smiles. Ritik goes to Rajjo and does a drama. She asks him what’s he hiding. He then tells the whole lot. She gets indignant.

Precap: The kids ask Happu the equal query and ask him who will he shop in hassle, Rajjo or Amma. He concerns.


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