Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Rajjo staying disenchanted with Happu. Katori says i’m able to’t meet my pal’s eyes, i will’t throw my parents’ birthday party. Happu argues. Rajjo asks him to speak to Amma. Katori says this time, mum’s birthday will be celebrated. Danny waters the flowers and talks to cease his loneliness. Happu asks what are you doing. Danny asks what’s the matteryou may cry all lifestylesyou have a pretty wifechildren, and mum. Happu says you’ve got peace. He tells the problem. Danny says your dad need to have now not passed on Rajjo’s birthday, i’m able to find a solutionwe can have fun Rajjo’s birthday this 12 months. Happu is of the same opinion. Amma tells pandit about loss of life anniversary puja. She talks to her husband’s spirit. Pandit receives puzzled.

Rajjo smiles. Amma asks her to notice down puja objects.

Pandit tells her the puja items. Amma says its not Mundan’s occasion. She argues together with her husband’s spirit. Pandit says I assume she has long past mad. Rajjo scolds pandit. Rajjo looks after infant. Danny desires her glad birthday in advance. He says your birthday have to be celebrated nicely. Chamchi hears them. He says I m ashamed, i might have no longer permitHappu enter your life if I knew this will happen. Rajjo says no, I m very happy. He asks her to return along for shopping. She has the same opinion. He asks her to take Vimlesh alongside if she is unfastened, isn’t she free, its nicewe will take her subsequent time, get ready. He is going.
She calls Happu. He says I m on duty, shall I come alongside. She says I m going to marketplacewith Danny. He says you could cross, come returned on time. She says I must get few matters for your dad’s demise anniversary, inform me if you need anything. She argues and says you will beworried now, you promised me that there may be a celebration. Chamchi runs and tells this to Amma. She provokes Amma. Ritik hears them and is going. Happu comes home and asks in whichis your mum. Rajjo name callings him. He is going to Amma and asks what took place to Rajjo. She asks why are you asking me. Amma receives indignant and goes.

Ritik tells him what Chamchi advised Amma. The children sing. Happu is going to have a drink with Danny. Danny offers him an awesome idea. He says you go to mum and do puja, i can rejoiceVimlesh’s birthday. Happu asks what approximately Rajjo’s birthday. Danny says I got careworn. Happu asks him to provide a few excellent concept. Danny says you stay in temple with Amma, you sneak out and are available here for cake slicing, then go back to temple and pray. Happu says your idea is righthowever if Amma is aware of this, her nature. Danny sees Mallika and indicatesHappu. She records their plan.


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