Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

The Episode begins with Happu attempting to wake up Hritik and requests that he prepare to go to class. Hritik requests that he let him rest. Happu figures how did Rajjo used to wake them up? Hritik requests that he give 500 Rs to him. Happu chides him. Ranbir says he is feeling damn sluggish and asks him not to wake up. Happu answers that he didn’t contact him yet and requests that he wake up. Ranbir requests that he let him complete his fantasy first. Happu requests that he get up else he will get beaten by people in general in the fantasy. Ranbir and Hritik are as yet resting. Happu tells that there is a 200 Rs cash and says whoever awakens first will get. Them two awakens hearing this, however Happu doesn’t offer cash to them. Happu comes out. Amma approaches him to make tea for him. Happu inquires as to whether she needs something different additionally alongside pakodas and so on. Amma says you are insulting me, I am having sprain in my legs. Happu says Rajjo went to her maayka. Amma thinks back provoking her and tells that it was generally excellent. She requests that he bring oil jug and afterward requests that he bring cut from restroom. Happu brings oil and cut and request that her tell once, anything she desires. Amma requests that he make tea and gives him guidelines. Happu says so you need all the flavors. Amma reprimands him and figures she won’t get tea today.

Happu is making some hard memories cooking in the kitchen. He cuts the onion and thinks he needs to hold up under his youngsters now. He reviews how Amma requested that he make tea. Beni comes there and inquires as to whether he will get sugar. Happu reproves him. Beni says he was thinking to make tea, however he didn’t have sugar. He asks Happu to make tea. Happu says he is making some hard memories to cut onions. Beni asks him when Rajjo is returning and proposes him to call Vimlesh with Rajjo. Happu says what Vimlesh will do here, she will see me in lungi and stripping garlic and cutting onions. He says my companion is simply taking a gander at me, while I am accomplishing so much work. Beni requests that he become autonomous and accomplish all the work alone. He says I accomplish all the work in my home alone. Happu requests that he state what number of individuals are there in his home. Beni tallies and says one… Happu says you have only 1, yourself, however I have 9 children, Amma and me currently, at present. He says my children are not basic and accepts kickbacks from me. Beni inquires as to for what reason did she go to her mayka? Happu says her dad Jayant isn’t fine and she went to deal with him. He requests that he express how much water to be included women finger dish. Beni asks him not to place any water in the dish. Happu says how women finger will be cooked at that point? Beni gives him model and tells that it resembles a wine, with water content in it. Happu kisses him and says will they have wine today. Beni says lets see, kids are here. He requests that he make tea with additional cream. Happu gets steamed.

Later Happu and Beni drink tea and read paper. Hritik comes and requests his tiffin. Happu gives him tiffin. Beni says your dad made acchari bhindi today. Hritik says don’t have a clue how it will be. Malaika comes and takes her tiffin. She checks the tiffin and discloses to Happu that he ought to have made round paratha like his face. She gets annoyed. Amma tells that she will make tiffin tomorrow. Malaika says she won’t eat this tiffin and asks Happu to give cash. Happu says they are my children and affront me. Malaika requests that he express gratitude toward them as they are not whining to Mummy. She extorts that she will compose letter to mummy (Rajjo). Happu gives her cash. Amma says the present tea was bad. Happu asks do you need cash as well? Amma says no, she needs another tea, yet this time pleasantly made. Beni tosses the tea and requests another tea. Happu admonishes him and inquires as to whether he suspected him as a specialist. Hritik reveals to Happu that Rajjo used to make tea a few times. Mailman comes and gives the letter. Happu takes the letter and provides for Malaika. Malaika peruses the letter where Rajjo is soliciting Happu to take care from Amma’s medications and food, give full cream milk to Malaika, don’t offer bhindi to Hritik, and don’t be with Beni. She includes that she is feeling the loss of every one of them and finishes the letter. Beni pardons himself. Happu gets maddened that Rajjo will set aside more effort to return. He requests that children go to class. Malaika and Hritik leaves.

At school, Hritik offers void response sheet to the instructor. Educator inquires as to why it is clear? Hritik says a few children take the appropriate response sheet, just to flaunt yet they can’t compose. Instructor inquires as to for what reason is it clear? Hritik says I have composed Om on the paper. Educator says you have fizzled, why not examine and get marks. Hritik requests that he give him checks and says some of the time I compose appropriately. Instructor says you have composed your name properly, will I give marks for that? He says he can’t give marks in good cause. Hritik says noble cause is now and again great. Educator requests that he bring the two his folks to meet him. Hritik says he will bring his dad, however his mummy can’t come as she is away.


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