Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Happu telling Beni that he’s feeling emotional and heavy. Beni talks about Amma’s sacrifice and says they shall watch film to lighten the mood. he takes out CD of Lawaris, Yateem. He then asks him to take out the movie CD from his auspicious hand. Happu takes out the CD. Beni says gandi nail ka keeda. Happu receives disenchanted. Beni says song gives peace and performs songs, however all unhappy songs plays. Happu gets more sad and asks him to stop it. Beni says I can purchase a brand new one and asks him to drink wine.

Dada ji involves Amma whilst she is praying and tells that he asked God to provide him 7 births along with her. Amma says she prayed for his or her peace. Rajjo comes there and asks her to drink tea. Amma asks if she wants to kill her by means of giving it time and again. Rajjo says you shall get my age additionally. Amma thinks if some thing fell on her head. Dada ji sneezes. Amma receives involved seeing the diya and asks Rajjo to call Happu. Rajjo thinks Amma is concerned for a person’s toddler. Beni tells happu that he will make his mood fine. Happu says he don’t need to eat or drink. Beni asks him no longer to waste life and tells jokes to cheer him up. Happu laughs. Beni in addition reads the funny story about Lawaris. Happu cries.

Chamchi thinks to clean the house and cries thinking she isn’t always daughter of Rajjo and happu. Malaika says you’re daughter of this house. Chamchi cries. Rajjo comes to Beni’s residence and asks him to come back, says Amma is asking you. Happu says i am feeling ashamed and might’t pass and face Amma. Beni tells her that his didi has introduced up a canine but he in no way felt ashamed. Rajjo says it is ideal that i’ve come and asks Happu to return else Amma’s tapasya can be ruined. Chamchi asks Malaika to inform from in which she was delivered? Malaika says you turned into delivered from sanatorium and says she doesn’t recollect more as she turned into small too. Kamlesh comes there and asks Malaika if she knows about any orphan toddler who needs home and own family. Chamchi cries. Malaika slaps Kamlesh and takes Chamchi to feed icecream.

Happu comes domestic and tells that Amma is Devi. Rajjo says she made lauki ki sabzi. Amma says Happu doesn’t love it. Happu says i can eat whatever you make me eat and could not ask anything. Amma asks Chamchi to take a seat and devour? Chamchi says she desires to serve meals to her siblings. Amma asks what’s going on in the residence, i can’t apprehend what passed off with Happu and Chamchi. Happu says few matters can’t be explained and is going. Chamchi says it could be simply felt and goes. Happu cries status on the pillar. Chamchi additionally cries. Happu says something went in my eye. Chamchi says even mine. Happu thinks he is feeling himself as garbage in the house.

Precap: Kamlesh shows Amma’s p.c to Rajjo and happu. Rajjo says Amma is asking beautiful. Happu cries being emotional.


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