Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Kamlesh getting cold liquids and snacks for the birthday celebration. Katori says I m very happy. Kamlesh goes by using again door. Pandit sings bhajan. The youngsters run inner. they try to secretly birthday celebration. Kamlesh gets the headphones. They play songs. Amma asks in which did everybody pass. Chamchi goes to look. Happu comes and forestalls her. He makes her sit down and asks in which have been you going. She says i was going to peer, where anyone went. Amma asks wherein are the kids. He says they are round. all and sundry dances on Aankh maare….. Happu makes excuses. He scolds Chamchi. Amma asks him no longer to scold her. Happu says Rajjo requested her to be along with her, you need to focus right here, you want support. Amma says you take care of me so much.

He says sure, its imp these days, i will move in and come. They cry for Bau ji. Happu is going to Rajjo and says Amma is going to are available in a while. He laughs and asks them now not to worry, revel in, Amma isn’t coming. Amma talks to pandit. Rajjo asks her if she wishes tea. Amma asks her to go, she doesn’t want tea. Chamchi wants to cross in. Rajjo asks her to sit down, she will get blanket for her. She coughs and goes lower back to the celebration. Happu asks what came about. Rajjo says Chamchi desires to spy on us. He laughs. Chamchi gets thirsty and is going to drink water. She sees the party happening. Pandit receives scared while Amma talks to her husband’s spirit. He asks her no longer to talk to everybody like this. She says don’t worry, he turned into praising you. He says then carry on, its his day. Chamchi is going to Amma and tells her about everyone. She takes Amma and suggests her what’s taking place. they all shout seeing Amma. Amma stares at them.

Amma scolds anybody. Bau ji asks her to go away it, youngsters didn’t do something incorrect, Happu’s happiness subjects loads. She says its about Rajjo now. He says bahu is like daughter, she is your bahu, you are being dangerous, I haven’t any problem with their party, allow them to rejoice, Rajjo must be bahu, she didn’t have a good time birthday for ten years, our happiness lies in them. Amma goes. He asks her to concentrate. He says she won’t change. Mallika says Chamchi has completed this. Amma gets the birthday cake for Rajjo. every body gets happy. Bau ji gets happy. Amma asks Rajjo to cut the cake. They have a good time birthday and take a family photograph.

Amma sees her husband’s percent and stays sad. Rajjo gets milk. Amma refuses to have it. Rajjo praises her smooth heart. Amma asks why are you acting candy. Rajjo says you have forgiven me and blessed me. Amma says I m very strict. Rajjo says i’ve visible it, Bau ji can by no means leave you. Amma says he can’t dare. Rajjo says you’re adorable and is going. Amma says she is likewise lovely.

Precap Upcoming Happu Ki Ultan Paltan episode update: Rajjo says Vimlesh doesn’t lie. Amma says you and your family always lie. They argue.


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