Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Happu coming to Amma at the same time as she is slumbering and covers her with blanket and touches her toes. He goes to bed crying. Chamchi involves happu and gets emotional. unhappy music plays…. Hritik tells Ranbir that his shoe is asking antique. Ranbir asks him to shine his shoes. Hritik says he don’t experience to do and asks him to call Ramu Kaki. Ranbir calls Chamchi and asks her not to feel alone. Chamchi says ok. Hritik says my fingers are paining, we can wear chappal and pass to school. Chamchi says she will polish their shoes to decrease the debt. They provide their footwear. Hritik says she is sweet. Ranbir says looks as if it isn’t always our family. Rajjo comes there and asks them to have disgrace to get their shoes polished by way of their sister. Hritik says we didn’t ask her. Rajjo scolds them and asks them to go and take tub. Chamchi cries badly. Malaika comes there and asks what passed off? Chamchi says mummy has beaten her actual sons due to me. Malaika says why mummy and papa are not telling the fact. She asks Chamchi not to cry.

Rajjo brings tea for Amma. Amma asks wherein is my tea, you added tea for Happu handiest. Rajjo says i will provide my blood to you. Amma asks will you make me drink your blood. Rajjo says i’m able to provide my lifestyles for you. Amma asks do you want to mention that i am taking your existence. Dada ji says she doesn’t suggest that. Rajjo says I mean this tea is for you, happu don’t want to drink tea. Amma asks wherein is Happu and calls him. Happu comes there. Amma asks why you don’t want to drink tea. Happu says Amma and is unhappy. Amma asks him to take a seat and tell. Happu says nothing Amma. Amma says his face is unhappy and applies black Tilak to his face. Rajjo receives emotional and is going. Dada ji says why she left. Amma says she couldn’t take it. Happu says you’re like a great to me and hugs her. Amma asks him to listen cautiously and tells Rajjo that she has no wealth to give to them. Happu says a person within the police station got here to understand that their mother and father are not actual and that’s why he is also unhappy. Amma says why you are sad and crying for that individual. Happu asks what’s the difference among very own son and followed son. Amma says there is a lot of distinction, apnon is apnon. He asks if she feels this. Amma says yes. Happu is going crying. Amma is surprised.

Happu tells Rajjo that Amma had implemented black tika to him and cries. Kamlesh comes and tells that he wants to open a NGO for orphan youngsters. He shows the pamphlet or invitation on which Amma’s percent is outlined. Rajjo says Amma is asking lovely. Happu cries. Beni comes there and asks what befell? Rajjo says a person is making him cry. Beni offers wine for him. Happu goes to playstation . Rajjo says if he’s going to drink there. Beni says he can be relieved of ache. Happu liquids wine within the playstation sporting vest. Manohar asks what are you doing, if each person sees. Happu says then will kill me and says I don’t need to live. Manohar says I gained’t let you drink. just then commissioner comes there and asks what’s it? Happu tells him that he is not his mother and father’ child and his real mother and father had thrown him in river. he’s taking the drink and drinks. He says the mother and father who haven’t given me delivery has delivered me up and the actual mother and father had thrown me in river. Commissioner is going and is derived out after casting off his uniform. He sits with Happu wearing vest and takes off his ache and beverages wine. He says i was picked from the rubbish and cries on Happu’s shoulder. Manohar says if i used to be picked from rubbish then could have drink wine.

in the evening, Happu tells that she has come. Beni asks you’re talking about whom. Happu says Amma and Dada ji loved him a lot. Beni says Chachi and uncle will be appreciated for bringing you up. Rajjo asks him to come home and says Amma is involved for you. Happu says the residence appears as visitor residence. Beni asks him to say that it is charitable house. Happu says he desires to meet his actual mum and asks why she left him. Beni says they must be fearful of you and thrown you in river. Happu asks Rajjo to discover about his real mother and father from Amma not directly and cries badly.

Precap: Amma asks Rajjo why Happu is crying plenty. Rajjo says he came to recognize about the tokri incident. Amma says I had stored bananas in it, why is he crying.


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