Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Happu asks Amma and Rajjo to do demo of their comedy. He asks Rajjo to start. Their daughters ask her to start comedy. Hritik asks Rajjo to tell funny story rapid. Amma asks her to inform a shaggy dog story hearing which people get mad after laughing a lot. Rajjo tells that the elephant tells his father that his pajama is stolen. He says it’s miles worn through the rat. She pauses. Hritik asks her to inform similarly. Happu laughs and says elephant pajama is worn by means of rat and asks if it had elastic. The kids suppose Papa is giggling diaster snort. no person laughs.

Amma asks shall I tell my joke. She says as soon as a tigress were given married to a lamp. Happu laughs alot. Rajjo asks him to listen first. Amma tells that all the animals collected to wait their marriage and saw the vegetarian meals. She says Cheetah went to tigress and stated that they need to have non veg, so Tigress slaughtered the lamp. Happu laughs…..Amma additionally laughs. Happu says Amma’s snicker isn’t always preventing and tells that a rat is sporting elephant pajama and lamp were given slaughtered in its own marriage. He laughs. Hritik tells that it became non veg shaggy dog story.

Happu meets Benny within the night time. Benny asks if Rajjo made him consume guljhand due to which he’s taking raspberry talks. He asks why you are not getting me marry Vimlesh and tells that whenever there’s an awful lot laughter, a storm is at the manner. Happu tells that they all have been glad. Benny says every body chortle isn’t like Vimlesh. He tells that Vimlesh like lady is one in thousands and thousands and might’t be found even if searched through torch. Happu asks him to die taking Vimlesh’s call. Benny says you hate her as she is extra knowledge and brainy than Rajjo. Happu asks him to go. Benny says you are jealous and asks him to think. Happu asks him to sing.

Amma’s husband seems infront of her and asks her to sing song. She says you’ll inquire from me to bounce then and asks if i am a dancer. Happu comes there and brings some thing. His father asks Amma to ask him from wherein he delivered it? She asks him. Happu asks if he’s here? He asks why you fight with Pita ji infront of me. His mother slapped him and tells that do I need your permission on how to talk to my husband. His father asks her to ask him.

She asks him. Happu asks why is he asking? His mum slaps him and calls him joru ka Ghulam. His father says desirable shot. Amma asks did you suspect me as Dhoni. She tells Happu that he became guffawing at his spouse’s shaggy dog story and was joking forcibly on her joke. Happu says i used to be giggling for your joke simplest. Amma says I recognise you, you become guffawing as though a person squeezed lemon on your mouth. Happu says i am like my father. Amma’s husband asks him to invite him if he is like her. Amma slaps Happu once more and asks him to move and hide underneath Rajjo’s pallu.

Kamlesh involves Happu’s residence. He asks Malaika not to overcome him. Malaika says i am going to drink water. Kamlesh says your sister is a great beater. Kat asks Kamlesh why did he come? Kamlesh tells that he got here to tell about the play Satyavan Savitri play. He says you’re gambling Savitri and i’m yamraj. Kat says why yamraj, you are yummy raj.

Kamlesh thanks her for the praise. He tells about the story and tells that Yamraj is attractive guy. He asks her to suppose who will play buffalo. Kat says Malaika will play buffalo. Malaika says do I look like buffalo. Kamlesh says we can try with Happu uncle. Malaika gets angry and beats him. Kat asks her to depart him. Kamlesh leaves.

Rajjo involves her room and asks Happu if he got here from his mother’s paathshala and asks what paath did he study these days? Happu asks why do you believe you studied that we communicate about you. Rajjo says you are looking like scorpion hearing my shaggy dog story. Happu says he was giggling listening to the shaggy dog story. Rajjo scolds him for laughing real for Amma’s comic story. Happu asks her to hear him. She says she has to make three toddlers sleep. Happu says i am the 4th child and asks her to make him sleep. She beats him. Happu thinks Benny is proper, it is tough to understand while female is really laughing.

Precap: youngsters inform Amma and Rajjo that their Papa stated Benny that he laughed forcibly hearing their jokes and he didn’t get any snigger. Rajjo and Amma get angry.


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