Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Dada ji calling Amma. Amma says you don’t leave demanding me even after your death. Rajjo says i’m here. Amma asks you are here, so late in night time and asks if Happu is quality? Rajjo says yes and says I want to invite something. She says that tokri, your lalla and asks who gave it. Amma says looks as if someone gave you supari to kill me. Rajjo says no and says you are Devi continually. I need to recognise about the tokri. Amma says I don’t want to be devimaa, move from here and asks inside the morning. Rajjo says sorry, however if you tell. Amma says tokri is my existence trouble and says it become given by using the vegetable seller. Rajjo says Tiwari chacha. Amma says if he was now not there then happu would not be there. Happu involves Amma and cries crying on her feet. Rajjo thinks that’s why Amma squeezes lemon, garlic and many others. Amma asks why is he crying and asks Rajjo to make him drink milk, says he might have seen a awful dream. She tells Dada ji that she will squeeze his lemon.

Hritik and Ranbir ask each different to drink their glass of milk. Chamchi comes to Ranbir and Hritik and says in case you want money then can take from my piggy bank money. Ranbir asks her to provide and says he’s going to buy a nicker. Hritik says i will buy shoes for myself. They argue. Hritik takes the money from her hand and asks Chamchi to convey saunf for them and take the milk lower back. She takes milk from there and thinks if they drink milk then their bones could be strong. Ranbir asks Hritik to offer the cash and says it become his idea to write the letter. Hritik says he stored the letter and so on. Chamchi hears and is taken aback. Malaika comes there and asks her to do some thing to show them that she is their Amma.

Happu involves the vegetable dealer and asks how are you going to be so stone hearted. Vegetable vendor tells that your Amma takes mirchi and dhaniya free of charge. Happu says I make you remind something and says forty years vintage, you gave tokri to my Amma. Vegetable vendor says i might have given. Happu says whilst you could’t introduced a child up then why did you supply delivery to him. Vegetable seller tells that he isn’t always married. Happu asks if i am (illegitimate) and that’s why you thrown me in the river and cries. Vegetable vendor says I throw stale vegetables within the river. He cries. Beni and Rajjo come there to take Happu. Vegetable seller asks him to take happu from there. Beni says i would have beaten you in case you are not my Mausa. Rajjo touches his toes and calls him pita ji surprising him.

Ranbir and hritik call Chamchi. Malaika says she is not at home. Hritik says they are hungry. Malaika asks them to tell mum and asks did you rent her on profits. Hritik says we adore each different. Malaika asks them to see the chit with Chamchi’s doll.

Malaika asks them to read. Hritik reads Chamchi’s letter that she isn’t always their actual sister after which reads that she is picked from someplace by using mummy and papa. He reads that she will’t bear anymore and is leaving the residence. Malaika says don’t recognize wherein that little girl need to have long past. Ranbir says our little sister. Malaika says who told her any such incorrect issue. They admit to her. Malaika asks them to head and seek her. They go away. She opens the cabinet and asks Chamchi to come out.

Happu is crying nonetheless and rests his head on her lap. Rajjo says i can’t see you crying and says most effective Amma can take care of you. Happu stops her. Amma comes there and says why glad is crying on the grounds that few days. Rajjo asks Amma to take a seat and says he got here to realize about tokri incident. Amma says why is he crying and says she had stored bananas within the tokri. Happu asks about him. Amma says from where you came from bananas. Hritik and Ranbir come again home and tell that Chamchi has left home. all of them get bowled over. Malaika asks them to tell the truth. She well-knownshows the truth. Happu says you both are not my children. Amma says shall we cross and seek her. Malaika says she is here. Happu cries and says he is feeling as orphan. Rajjo says he came to know that he isn’t always your son. Amma slaps him and asks who informed you. She says you’re my blood and my son. Happu tells about the person telling him. Amma says he is our enemy and asks him now not to listen to him. She says you’re my son. Happu gets glad and cries. Amma hugs him and says you are my son. Kamlesh comes there to invite if any orphan children are there of their eyes. Amma says no orphan kids now and laughs.

Precap: Commissioner tells that his namesake/foster sister who isn’t always agreeing for marriage. Happu asks him to go away her there for few days. Commissioner is of the same opinion.


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