Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Amma slapping Happu and scolding him for constantly favoring his spouse. Happu goes out protecting his cheek. The children shout satisfied holi and pours water on him. Danny asks what’s the problem. Happu says you get married and then you may understand. He tells about Amma and Rajjo’s fight about the bhujiya. Danny says Vimlesh is the right character. Happu says you suspect I m playing to take their side, Amma didn’t apprehend, matter is extreme, Amma doesn’t need us to celebrate holi, I m uninterested. Danny says Vimlesh gets true ideas, she is wise. Happu says get Vimlesh’s call tattooed on yourself. Danny says its tattooed on my heart. Happu says at some point you may forget him. Danny says this may in no way manifest, I sense I m also Vimlesh. Happu says get your self handled via some properly physician.

Amma talks to all the children. She says no person will have a good time holi right here. Ritik asks why, what will we celebrate then. The kids oppose her. Rajjo comes and also helps Amma. The children agree to now not rejoice holi. Happu calls Rajjo. She is disenchanted and doesn’t communicate. Rajjo scolds him. He asks her to calm down. She asks him to speak to his mum. He calls Amma and receives scolded. She says I need us to have a good time Holi together. Amma says I received’t permit all and sundry have a good time alone. He says I m sorry on Rajjo’s behalf. She says your wife in no way apologizes. glad concerns. Katori and Kamlesh come to satisfy Danny and tells him the entirety. They request him to persuade Amma and Rajjo for celebrating Holi. Danny doesn’t need to get into the matter. Katori asks him to assist them. Kamlesh says you would like to play holi with Vimlesh, do assist us please.

Amma and Rajjo deliver an angry stare and hear to old songs and holi songs. The kids dance on holi songs. Amma gets unhappy. Rajjo gets drugs for her. Danny comes to speak to them. He asks them to quit their fight and determine to have fun Holi. He praises Vimlesh. Amma doesn’t concentrate and asks him to get out.

Precap Upcoming Happu Ki Ultan Paltan episode update: Happu says we will have a good time Diwali alternatively Holi. He tells the same to Rajjo.


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