Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Happu asking Amma to give the stick. Amma says I don’t know, may be Rajesh knowing and asks her. Rajjo says she doesn’t know. Happu says I know, it is in Almari. He says I will take it myself. Rajjo and Amma stop him. Rajjo says there is a snake in the almari. Happu asks did something happened in the house and says he is seeing them since 6 hours. He asks if something wrong happened. Amma and Rajjo laugh. Happu asks her to give stick. Amma cries and says the stick is last safekeeping of your father. Happu says his father talks to her all the time and asks her to move. He opens the cupboard and keeps hand in the almari. He holds something and says he got the handle, but stick is stuck inside. Kamlesh says it is not handle, leave it. Rajjo tells Amma that they

will not be saved now. He moves the clothes and sees someone standing in the almari. He asks who is she/he? Amma says Kamlesh and says he died with my hand. Happu faints and falls down. Amma asks if he is also dead.
Sudarshan comes home and calls Malaika. Happu drinks water and asks why did she hit him so hard. Amma says she didn’t know that he was Kamlesh. Happu asks will you hit him so hard even if he is thief. He says I know how you hit me when I massage your legs. Amma asks will you send me to jail? Rajjo asks him not to send Amma to jail. Happu says he will not send her and asks her to let him think. He says he is feeling bad for Kamlesh and says he was not much good, but was good and tells that he is feeling bad for him. He was so jovial. Sudarshan is Kamlesh father and asks Malaika where is Kamlesh? Malaika says she doesn’t know and asks him why did he kick him out? Sudarshan says after coming from college, he is always on call with Kat. He asks her to tell Kat not to talk much. Happu tells Amma and Rajjo that his mother didn’t do anything and that he will take Kamlesh’s body outside. Rajjo says you will not get her punished and gets happy. Amma says my son is back. Hritik and kids hear him.

Hritik asks if he is wiping his mother’s crime with the duty’s handkerchief. He asks him to send Amma with jail. Chamchi asks why you want to send her to jail. Hritik says you was silent when I was punished. Sudarshan tells Rajjo that he wants to talk to Happu as he can help him. Happu takes Kamlesh out of almari. Kamlesh thinks he will return back and enjoying this life. Malaika says Sudarshan uncle is coming. Happu hides Kamlesh in almari and comes out to talk to Sudarshan. Sudarshan asks if he saw Kamlesh. Happu says no and asks him to go, says Kamlesh is not here. Sudarshan says he is worried for Kamlesh and insists to see him in the almari, says he used to hide there. Happu asks him to get warrant and search his house. Sudarshan goes. Kamlesh comes out of almari and takes food from the fridge and goes back to almari.

Beni comes there and calls Vimlesh. Rajjo says she left. Happu promises to get him married to Vimlesh and sends him away. He comes out and starts his scooter. He asks Rajjo to make Kamlesh sit behind him. Rajji makes him sit. Beni tries to stop him and asks where are you taking Vimlesh. Amma slaps him. Happu is leaving with Kamlesh, when they see Commissioner coming there. Happu takes back Kamlesh inside the house. Beni thinks there is a conspiracy against him to separate Vimlesh and him. Commissioner comes inside and calls Happu. Beni asks him to tell Happu to make him meet Vimlesh. Commissioner asks who is she? Beni says my lover. Commissioner calls Happu. Happu comes out. Commissioner asks him to give the stick. Happu says he will bring. Beni tells that Happu is conspiring against Vimlesh and him and asks him to arrest happu. Commissioner gets his wife’s call and she asks him to stay in Happu’s house being upset with him. Commissioner says wife got angry as he came out at night. Happu says where you will stay at night. Commissioner says in your house. Happu is shocked.


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