Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Amma doubting on Rajjo. Rajjo clarifies and says Happu is snoozing inside the room. Amma says my existence changed into in chance, how is he dozing. She is going to confront Happu. She says you are sound asleep right here, i used to be attacked with the aid of a thief. She scolds him. He says I tried to look out of window and got bashed up via the thief. Benny says shame on you, we have overwhelmed the thief plenty. The youngsters tell him how a lot they have got beaten the thief. Happu pities the thief. Mallika sees her ring affect on his brow and asks him about it. Happu lies to her. Amma thinks my son is lying to me, kids aren’t mendacity, he has attacked me as the thief. Rajjo makes the youngsters out. they all leave.

Happu asks Rajjo to get haldi milk. Amma is going to forestall Benny. She says a few huge incident will take place right here. He asks what’s the problem, tell me, I m like your son. She says Happu didn’t come to store me. He says Happu loves you lots. She says no, its Kalyug, cash matters the most. He says actual fanatics are nonetheless there within the international, why does Happu need to kill you. She says for 25 lakhs rupees, they need to get the cash. He says sure, I recognize. She says Mallika requested Happu about the ring impact, he lied. He says if this is actual, i’m able to not permit this manifest. She says keep me Benny, they have been trying to kill me. He asks what, why didn’t you inform me. She says I couldn’t trust this, i’ve visible it, I fell by myself.

Amma meets the pandit and indicates her kundli. She asks about her dying. He says you have to be cautious of knife and poison. She asks what. Happu receives a call from aunt. He says sure, I m satisfied, its top that your son’s marriage is fixed, i’m able to genuinely come with my nine youngsters. The health practitioner comes to meet Happu on the police station.

He asks for his motorcycle. Happu jokes and says we’re nevertheless finding your motorcycle. He tells what came about with Amma. physician advises him to take every other knife this time and attempt again. Happu gets unsuitable of his idea. doctor is going. Rajjo makes juice for Amma. She says why did Amma call pandit, i will take the juice, else i will shout again. She adds the medicine in Amma’s juice glass. She gets the juice glasses. Amma says i will drink later, maintain it there. Rajjo says take a look at my kundli as well. Pandit drinks any other glass of juice as properly. Rajjo concerns. Pandit says I experience sturdy after having this. Rajjo says that juice had remedy for Amma. Pandit jokes. He leaves.

Ritik and Chamchi ask Amma to shop for them a few balloons. Amma refuses. They insist. She says first-class, come with me. They exit. Kamlesh receives a rat catcher, a cat. He suggests the cat to them. He says this isn’t always any drama, this isn’t a ordinary cat, its an abnormal cat, cat will scare the rat, cat may be very sharp, cat will find the rat. He we could the cat out of the basket. He asks the cat to head and catch the rat. He asks Mallika to please help. She lifts the bed. Kamlesh we could the cat inside the mattress. He says when my cat do her job, you’ll be amazed. Rajjo asks what are you doing. Ranveer says cat is catching the rat. Rajjo shouts and gets scared. Kamlesh says cat is my pal, don’t get scared.

Rajjo says stops this drama, take the cat out, else i’m able to throw you out. Kamlesh asks cat to show the magic and take the rat out. Mallika scolds Kamlesh. He says don’t disturb my cat. They see a bottle rolling out.

Precap Upcoming Happu Ki Ultan Paltan episode update: Happu tells the health practitioner’s concept. Rajjo asks him to do some thing, she doesn’t need absolutely everyone to bear him. He says this time, we will make Amma run. She concurs to assist him.


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