Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Kat asking Malaika to see outside if Kamlesh is coming. Malaika says my name is Malaika and not Malai and tells that she will be able to beat Kamlesh. Kat asks her not to beat him and says he’s the villain of her play. Kamlesh comes there and asks Malaika now not to beat him these days. He says i’ve modified the complete script and offers her candies. Malaika says i’m in no mood to beat you nowadays and asks them to rehearse. Kamlesh starts telling the dialogues. Kat says you’ll not take my husband’s soul and i can see how the solar upward push today. Kamlesh says this is the rule of thumb of nature, your husband’s soul is vital to us. Kat says he’s crucial to me. Malaika says i really like this script. Kamlesh thanks her and says he really worked difficult. He receives a call and says how is this possible? Kat asks what passed off? Kamlesh says play is canceled. Kat says no and gets unhappy. Malaika beats him. Kamlesh runs. Kat says you have got damaged my heart Kamlesh.

Rajjo is making a song lullaby to make the child sleep. Happu involves her and says i’m feeling like loud night breathing. He says while you’ll make me sleep like making the child sleep. She asks if your Amma didn’t sing lullaby for you. Happu says it become no that candy. She asks him to go. Happu asks whom to get stuck with, if now not then you definately neighbor? Rajjo hits him and tells that she can inform about him to commissioner. Happu says if she will kick on his task and says i am your darling. Rajjo says no and then says sure. Happu asks her to carry knife from kitchen and cuts his chest, and spot how she is internal…and says you’re inner like elaichi in rasgula. She asks him to deliver rabdi etc from sweet save. He says he’ll get all the store.

He asks her to make him hear lullaby. just then child pee on his face. He says my son is mine. Jignesh comes to Kamlesh and says he is ready and has learnt all the dialogues of a buffalo. He reminds of his promise and says if Vimlesh don’t come there then what is the use of my overall performance. He asks him to say something. Kamlesh doesn’t reply and is going. Happu talks to the sub inspector and asks him to inform that his saas avdesh died. Sub inspector says you already made that excuse. Happu asks him to tell that his nani saas died for his 1 day depart. Rajjo hears him. Happu turns and is shocked. He throws the smartphone on mattress and makes Rajjo sit down on bed. He sits down and holds her hand and slaps him. She slaps him and asks why do you kill my family in Police station. Happu says my elders died already. She asks where is he going with Beni? Happu tells about the romantic movie in Sangam theatre and tells about his boring existence.

Rajjo asks what you’ll say that you are going to watch film. Happu says anyone will come then. He says we will tell that we’re going to market. Rajjo says kids will insist to come then. Happu says it’s miles a trouble. child cries. Happu talks about love. Rajjo hits him.

Amma is listening song and asks her husband why is he glad? If her stomach is high-quality and her breath is jogging fast. He says it has stopped long in the past and says you’ll supply me some happiness. Amma says i’m able to now not come until Chamchi receives married. He asks her to come back and watch film with him. She says she become embarrassed ultimate time and says what family participants will think. He asks her to make a few excuse. Chamchi asks her to make an excuse that they are going to temple. He says she may be very smart and asks him to present her a kiss. Amma says she is wakeful and kisses her. Chamchi says i like you Dada ji.

Kat is dancing in her room. Kamlesh comes there. Kat receives angry on him and asks what is he doing past due night time in her house. Kamlesh tells that there is a brand new romantic movie in Sangram theatre, and says come and sink in love…He asks her to come with him and says we are able to watch the movie secretly. Malaika comes there and asks him what is he doing of their residence. She asks what you was saying to my sister. She threatens him and slaps him. Kamlesh says I said that we will do combine research. Malaika says it is ok, if you are saying fact else i can cling you on terrace with honeybee hive.

inside the morning, Amma tells story to Chamchi. Chamchi laughs and asks why simplest woman satan are available your tale. Amma says anyone has its own experience and looks at Rajjo. Happu comes there and tells that he’s taking Rajesh to health facility. Amma asks if blood extended in her frame, as my blood got much less. Happu laughs and says he is taking her to gynaec. Amma asks him no longer to make preparations for the tenth infant else she can squeeze the lemon… Happu says simply regular check up and asks her to attend to kids between 2-6. Amma says she gained’t be to be had at home either as she is going to temple. Happu appears on tensed.

Precap: Kat and Kamlesh come to theatre to watch film. She hides seeing Rajjo and Happu. Rajjo tells Happu that Amma came right here. Amma comes there with Dada ji’s soul and asks him to sit.


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