Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Amma asking Happu to skip the test a few how, else she can go to her uncle’s residence. Happu says I m simply taking into consideration a way to skip the test. She scolds Happu and Benny. She says you are simply consuming here, i’m able to see that. Benny says I m seeking to assist Happu. Happu asks him to provide an explanation for it to Amma. Benny says we know Happu nicely, i was asking him to do dishonest this time. Amma says I feel the equal, because he can’t skip the check. She asks Happu to do as Benny tells him. Happu says excellent, i will call Katori. He calls Katori and takes her assist.

He meets Katori. She says why are you meeting me close to the temple, you meet me in the house. He says high-quality, I m a failure scholar and that i came to take your help in passing the test. He asks her to present her the examination papers. Mallika stops Happu from dishonest. He pities himself for having such children. He comes home and looks after his mum. He praises her. He says i really like you plenty. She asks him to pass the take a look at and rating more than Ranveer if he loves her. He says i’m able to’t look at in this age. Happu receives slapped by way of Amma. She says you never studied properly.
She asks him to dishonest and bypass the take a look at. He is going to Rajjo. He tries to persuade her. He says it is going to be properly to make Amma happy by way of making me win the mission by using passing the check. She says this check will manifest and none can stop this. He receives worried. Kamlesh comes to meet Katori. Mallika catches him and scolds him for coming domestic to fulfill Katori at night time. He says I came as Katori is dissatisfied. He gets sweets for her. She likes the chocolates. He says till you consume the chocolates, i will make the question paper. Rajjo scolds Ranveer and asks him to have a look at properly.

She says you could’t study. She gets Ritik there and asks him to assist Ranveer. She asks him to visit Katori’s room and click a p.c of the examination paper. She says Chamchi shouldn’t understand this. Chamchi is with Amma. She dances. Amma hugs her. She says you’re fantastic, i’m able to make a movie for you. Chamchi jokes. Happu comes and says I spoke to Katori, she isn’t willing to help me. He asks Chamchi to click percent of examination paper, so that Rajjo doesn’t know it. Amma likes his concept and asks Chamchi to do this for her sake. Chamchi asks her not to fear. Amma says I m pleased with you.

Precap Upcoming Happu Ki Ultan Paltan episode update: Amma and Rajjo play radio and listen the songs.


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