Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Amma calling Happu and requesting that he come. Rajjo likewise calls him and asks where did he bite the dust? Happu supposes it is smarter to remain in lock up. Malaika inquires as to whether she is informing Kamlesh and requests that her focus on studies. She requests that her message him that she will make juice of him on the off chance that he is found close to her home. Kat says alright. Kamlesh comes there and asks how are you? She says why no investigation? Kat requests that he please return and says in the event that she sees you, at that point will make squeeze out of you, and afterward she will toss you. Kamlesh asks truly? Malaika comes there and slaps him. Kamlesh says sorry. Malaika says I am wild feline for you. Kamlesh says I came to examine and requests an opportunity. She says alright and requests that her recall that she is a wild feline on the off chance that he is rodent. Kamlesh says this isn’t science.

Rajjo and her companion come to lobby. Raju takes a gander at his significant other, who takes a gander at him furiously. Amma and Rajjo play the melody on recording device and change each other’s tune every now and again.

Happu is conversing with portable and tells that he can’t come there. Police chief and mantri ji come there and see Happu in vest and lungi. Mantri inquires as to whether this is the Police. Chief says he is the cleanliness staff. Happu begins cleaning the stuff and asks Mantri will I clean your vehicle. Mantri says no and leaves. Chief takes a gander at Happu. Happu holds his ears and says I will never come to Police station wearing lungi and banyan. Kamlesh informs Kat concerning a film. She inquires as to why he needs to put his head on the hatchet. Kamlesh checks and says she isn’t here and doesn’t know. Kat says thank god. She says Malaika dependably keep like an eye like a bird of prey.

Kamlesh says you resemble delicate bloom and she is the thistle. Malaika comes there. Kat asks Kamlesh to see the appropriate response. Kamlesh wears his sack and is going to leave. Malaika slaps him. Kamlesh sits back on the bed and holds the book.

Happu gets back home and thinks there is a quietness at home, so everybody must rest. He says God exists. Rajjo calls on the off chance that he came? Happu says where is God? Amma and Rajjo turn out. They ask where did he go? Happu says Police station. Amma tells that she has no regard in the house. Happu says you have much regard in this house, more than others. Rajjo says you said right, I have no regard. Amma tells that her child isn’t in her control. Rajjo says he is still in her control. Amma says he slipped and got tied with your Pallu. Happu attempts to determine their battle. Amma says she will go out, and says she thought this is her home, and tells that she would have run with her better half. Happu says everybody needs you. Raju and his better half come there fellowship and offer desserts. Happu asks did you get separate. Raju says no. His better half Sarika tells that their battle was settled. Raju says they got back together. He says Sarika’s dad called him to have halwa made by his hand. They leave.

Amma approaches Rajjo to make tea for her. Rajjo says you had it multiple times in multi day and says you will have gastric issue. Amma requests pomegranate juice. Rajjo says I will give you. Amma says you are great bahu. Rajjo says you are my great saas. Happu considers him. He comes to Beni and asks what was the deal? For what reason did he sit with cover on himself in the sweltering summer. Beni asks who are you? Happu asks don’t you remember me? Beni says I can’t recognize myself. Happu says I am your beloved companion. Beni says I felt great gathering you. Happu asks him not to develop his hairs much. Beni says you can’t give me what I requested since numerous years. Happu asks him not to cry and calls Vimlesh. He says I am your jija… .Vimlesh asks how you recollected that me today. Happu inquires as to whether his marriage union is conclusive. Vimlesh says which partnership. Happu says the man who came to see you. Vimlesh says she made that man keep running as she loathed him. Beni hears her and gets enthusiastic and moves. Upbeat asks Vimlesh not to joke again for what it’s worth about somebody’s life. Beni discloses to Happu that he will take care of his concern now.

Kamlesh converses with Kat holding the Mickey mouse toy. Kat chuckles. Malika comes and asks what he said. Kamlesh says I cherish ponders. Kat says me as well. Kamlesh says you are fortunate as you have amazing sister. Kat says exceptionally fortunate. Malaika says fix, else run and beat. Kat asks I don’t get your meaning? Malaika says in the event that both of you show signs of improvement, at that point I will make you run and beat.

Precap Upcoming Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Episode Update: Happu asks Amma to quiet down and acknowledge that Rajjo is of furious conduct. Amma slaps him. Happu then asks Rajjo to quiet down and says amma is of furious conduct. Rajjo requests that her make Amma get it.


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