Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Amma crying remembering her family and missing them. Beni asks Amma if everything is fine and asks if there is any problem here. Amma says no problem and says she is missing the kids, especially Chamchi and says she must be missing me. He says Khodi uncle might also be missing you. Beni says just like I am worried for Vimlesh. Amma says she will talk about his marriage proposal with Vimlesh after going from there. Kamlesh comes there and gives pics to Dadi. Dadi looks at the skeleton pic and says Dada ji is looking sad. She looks at everyone’s pics and says Rajjo is looking sad. Amma asks him to call and says we will end this matter. Happu makes arrangements of money and says a little amount is remaining. Rajjo offers her jewellery. Beni refuses to take. Rajjo keeps it back in the almari. Happu is surprised that she took it back and says I am capable to make the arrangements. Beni calls Happu and asks him to bring the money at night and tells the place. He says if the money is less then he will send the old lady to Afghanistan. Happu gets shocked and tells Rajjo.

Rajjo asks him to bring Amma back. Happu comes to meet the kidnapper. Beni and Kamlesh are hiding. Beni calls him and asks him to keep the money there and leave. Happu keeps the money and leaves. Kamlesh and Beni take the money and are leaving. Beni says they shall check the bag, if it is money or potatoes. Malaika comes and catches them. She calls Happu. They both beat beni and Kamlesh. Kamlesh asks them to leave them. Malaika says English seems to be known. They unmask them and see Kamlesh and Beni. Happu says you both have kidnapped my Amma and asked for ransom. Kamlesh says it was Dadi’s plan. Beni says she made the plan and got herself kidnapped. He says she is at the house and asks him to come and meet her. Rajjo is worried for Amma. Happu and Malaika bring Beni and Kamlesh there. Happu asks him to bring Amma. Kat asks Kamlesh if he is involved in her Dadi’s kidnapping.

Rajjo scolds Kamlesh and says she will complain his father. Beni tells Happu that Amma got herself kidnapped. Happu asks him to go and call her. Beni asks everyone to come to his house and see Amma. He opens the door and brings Amma out. Amma meets her grand children, Rajjo and Happu. Beni asks her to tell that he didn’t kidnap her. Amma tries to speak, but couldn’t say anything. Happu asks if he tortured you. Amma signs that she had acchaar. Happu says if he didn’t give the food and asks Kamlesh what did they do? Beni asks her to tell and says she got herself kidnapped so that she can know how much they love her. Happu takes them to Police station while beating them.

At home, Rajjo gives kada to Amma and cries running out. Chamchi rests on her lap. Dada ji asks her to tell using her bangles. Amma makes the bangles sound and tells that she got herself kidnapped to test Happu. He tells that he missed her a lot. Amma says even me. Dada ji says Kamlesh and Beni are punished unnecessarily. Chamchi cries. Happu beats Beni and kamlesh in the Police station. Beni says I am innocent. Happu says all thieves say this. Sudarshan comes there and asks what is this raita? Happu says your son had kidnapped my Amma. Sudarshan says my son was herself kidnapped three times and asks him to leave Kamlesh. Happu asks him to go and not to make him understand else he will beat him too.


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