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Kat says ok. Kamlesh comes there and asks how are you? She says why no study? Kat asks him to please pass returned and says if she sees then you definitely will make juice out of you, after which she will be able to throw you. Kamlesh asks genuinely? Malaika comes there and slaps him. Kamlesh says sorry. Malaika says i am wild cat for you. Kamlesh says I came to observe and asks for a risk. She says ok and asks her to remember the fact that she is a wild cat if he is rat. Kamlesh says this isn’t science.

Rajjo and her pal come to corridor. Raju seems at his spouse, who looks at him angrily. Amma and Rajjo play the tune on tape recorder and trade every other’s music regularly.

Happu is talking to cellular and tells that he can’t come there. Police commissioner and mantri ji come there and spot Happu in vest and lungi. Mantri asks if this is the Police. Commissioner says he’s the hygiene personnel. Happu begins cleansing the stuff and asks Mantri shall I smooth your automobile. Mantri says no and leaves. Commissioner seems angrily at Happu. Happu holds his ears and says i will never come to Police station wearing lungi and banyan. Kamlesh tells Kat about a movie. She asks why he desires to put his head at the awl. Kamlesh exams and says she isn’t always here and is not conscious. Kat says thank god. She says Malaika constantly keep like an eye fixed like a hawk.

Kamlesh says you’re like tender flower and she is the thorn. Malaika comes there. Kat asks Kamlesh to see the solution. Kamlesh wears his bag and is set to depart. Malaika slaps him. Kamlesh sits lower back at the mattress and holds the e book.

Happu comes domestic and thinks there is a silence at domestic, so all people should be snoozing. He says God exists. Rajjo calls if he got here? Happu says where is God? Amma and Rajjo come out. They ask where did he pass? Happu says Police station. Amma tells that she has no admire in the house. Happu says you have a great deal admire on this house, greater than others. Rajjo says you stated right, I haven’t any respect. Amma tells that her son isn’t in her manage. Rajjo says he is nonetheless in her manage. Amma says he slipped and got tied together with your Pallu. Happu tries to resolve their combat. Amma says she will go away the residence, and says she notion this is her residence, and tells that she would have gone with her husband. Happu says everybody wishes you. Raju and his spouse come there togetherness and offer candies. Happu asks did you get divorce. Raju says no. His spouse Sarika tells that their combat changed into resolved. Raju says they were given back collectively. He says Sarika’s father known as him to have halwa made through his hand. They go away.

Amma asks Rajjo to make tea for her. Rajjo says you had it five instances in an afternoon and says you may have gastric trouble. Amma asks for pomegranate juice. Rajjo says i’m able to provide you with. Amma says you’re accurate bahu. Rajjo says you’re my appropriate saas. Happu thinks they don’t fear about him. He involves Beni and asks what passed off? Why did he sit with blanket on himself inside the warm summer time. Beni asks who are you? Happu asks don’t you recognize me? Beni says i can’t perceive myself. Happu says i am your adolescence friend. Beni says I felt properly assembly you. Happu asks him no longer to grow his hairs tons. Beni says you could’t deliver me what I asked for on the grounds that a few years. Happu asks him now not to cry and calls Vimlesh. He says i am your jija….Vimlesh asks how you remembered me nowadays. Happu asks if his marriage alliance is very last. Vimlesh says which alliance. Happu says the person who got here to see you. Vimlesh says she made that guy run as she disliked him. Beni hears her and receives lively and dances. satisfied asks Vimlesh now not to funny story again as it is approximately a person’s existence. Beni tells Happu that he will resolve his hassle now.

Kamlesh talks to Kat preserving the Mickey mouse toy. Kat laughs. Malika comes and asks what he stated. Kamlesh says i really like studies. Kat says me too. Kamlesh says you’re fortunate as you have got effective sister. Kat says very fortunate. Malaika says restore, else run run and beat. Kat asks what do you suggest? Malaika says if each of you get higher then i’m able to make you run and beat.

Precap: Happu asks Amma to chill out and be given that Rajjo is of irritated conduct. Amma slaps him. Happu then asks Rajjo to loosen up and says amma is of irritated conduct. Rajjo asks her to make Amma recognize.


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