Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Rajjo announcing i was making special gentle roti for Amma. Amma says I in no way took time to make rotis, perhaps you obtain your mum’s name. Rajjo says nobody’s name came, i’ve two palms, I paintings at my own velocity, Happu doesn’t help me in kitchen. Benny says Happu chefs so well, you eat it as soon as, you may like it. Happu says you don’t add more spark to ignite fireplace. Benny reminds him the dish he made. Amma says peculiar. Benny likes Rajjo’s dish and says it rings a bell in my memory of Vimlesh. Katori asks her for potato juice. Mallika says she method potato dish gravy. Benny praises Vimlesh. Happu name callings him. Rajjo says I made unique halwa for Amma. Amma thinks maybe halwa has the poison. Happu says Amma has to eat it. children insist to have it.

Amma thinks if I don’t devour it, children will consume it, i’m able to devour it, I won’t allow them to eat it. Happu says this halwa is right, consume it. Amma says best, i’m able to eat it later. Happu says Rajjo made it, have it. Amma refuses. He asks how gained’t you devour. She asks what. He says I m your son, you’re my mum, consume it. Amma shouts no. Happu feeds her the halwa. Amma asks what are you doing. She spits the halwa when they don’t see. He asks why are you keeping the halwa. She takes the halwa from him. He says finish it, ok.
Its night, Kamlesh comes with a rat and catcher internet. He says chill out, i will give you food. Mallika comes and sees him. She beats him for getting a rat. Katori wakes up and sees Kamlesh. She stops Mallika. Mallika says she got every other rat. Katori asks why. He says listen me out, the rat isn’t always coming out, this rat will pull that rat out of Dadi’s room. Katori says extremely good idea. Mallika asks how, tell me. Kamlesh says smart query, assume we can teach our way of life to this rat, rat could be educated in our language, we will train him to go Dadi’s room and pull that rat. Katori likes the concept. Mallika asks will you teach lifestyle to this rat, you study tradition first. She beats him. Kamlesh says i will come later with new idea. He runs away.

Amma prays. Bau ji says Happu and Rajjo try so tough and failing. She says then you cause them to be successful, I m already in anxiety. He says not anything will show up, don’t fear. She says I m scared that they’re planning to kill me. She cries. He says Happu may be a mean donkey, but he can by no means try this. She says Happu is grasping for money. He says no, just communicate to him, this received’t happen. She concurs and waits for Happu. Rajjo and Happu cope with their children. He talks romantic. She says Amma is ill, I m worried for her. He says so this is the matter, I thought you don’t love me. She says yes, that’s why we were given 9 children, Amma has high sugar.

He says sure, she should run. She says she doesn’t walk, she sits in a single region. He says she used to make dad work and sit down in a single place even in her young days, I m thinking to expose knife to Amma so that she runs. She asks did you go mad. He says I m her son, I recognize she can run by using fear. He laughs. She says if she dies by fear then. He says you don’t lecture me, go and locate my pistol, stand at gate, we both will scare her and make her run. She says Amma will apprehend us. He says I m an inspector, we will cowl our face with black material. She asks shall we tell this to Benny. He says no, he will inform Amma, if she learns she is dangerous, she can get extra ill, don’t inform Benny, we both will do that, come sleep now, shall i am getting a knife for you. She beats him.

Amma says let Happu come. Happu appears as a thief and scares her. She gets shocked. She screams and runs out. He dances. Amma runs out to the gate. Rajjo stands there. Mallika catches Happu and beats him. Amma says beat him, he has a knife in hand. all the kids beat Happu. Benny comes to see the problem. Happu runs. Benny catches him and beats him. Amma says beat him greater. Rajjo hides. Happu runs. Rajjo shouts and says he has run away. Mallika asks Dadi is she best. Dadi says I were given saved. Katori says I m wondering who’s he. Rajjo asks how did you see the thief. Amma says i used to be sitting there and saw his shadow, I screamed and ran out. Benny says i used to be missing Vimlesh and saw the harmful man, I made him fall down, I had crushed him loads. Ritik says however nonetheless he has run away.

Happu says I m certain the thief were given a good deal hurt. Mallika tests him and catches his lie.


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