Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Happu dancing with Amma and kids on Sapne me milti hai…… absolutely everyone enjoys. Rajjo receives indignant. She says I desired to break his leg. Ritik says i can call him right here, you destroy his legs. She says no, take this banana, throw the peel below his leg, he will fall, then see how he walks. He asks her to recharge his cellular. She is of the same opinion. Happu involves her. She says you danced with Amma, she always complains of waist ache, now she became dancing. He asks why are you angry on her, communicate exact about her every so often. Chamchi hears them. Rajjo says she is angry on me, you needed to dance with me, however your mum came in between. He says yes, but you are saying incorrect. He explains Rajjo.

Chamchi is going to Amma and says dad is fooling you, he wanted to dance with mum. Happu convinces

Rajjo. He says i’m able to no longer listen to Amma and dance with you. Amma says so Happu is fooling me. She shouts to call Happu and Rajjo. they come to Amma. Amma scolds them. Happu gets commissioner’s name and says sure, I m coming. Amma asks him to first determine, with whom will he dance. Rajjo says i’ve proper on you. Amma scolds her for claiming rights on him. Happu says pay attention to me first. Amma doesn’t let him go. He receives commissioner’s call again and lies about an twist of fate. Happu makes a tale. Commissioner says small injuries show up, come home. Happu says no, my leg broke. Amma asks shall I ruin your leg. He says we can take a seat and determine. Constable calls him to ask about his broken leg. He says commissioner doubts about your broken leg, he is coming to your property. glad says excellent, allow him come. He issues and says he is coming to test my broken leg.
Amma and Rajjo tell him that they may manage everything. He asks how, I advised him about broken leg. She says nothing will occur to your task. Rajjo says i’m able to restore the plaster to your leg. He says idea isn’t bad, I m proud of you. Rajjo is going to get plaster. He says she is so clever. Katori waits for Kamlesh’s name. She hides the cellphone in the plaster. Rajjo comes and asks for plaster. She receives the plaster and asks her to transport. Rajjo says commissioner is coming now. Katori concerns. Rajjo tells the whole thing. Katori says my feelings are in the plaster, forestall. She cries and says cellphone is long past in plaster. Benny washes the garments. Rajjo jokes on his laundry. He asks about Happu and his mum. She says they’re first-class. He thinks I desire I marry Vimlesh. She says i have a few work. He asks what is it. She tells about Happu’s lie. She asks him to come as faux health practitioner and tell that Happu’s leg is broken. He agrees. Malaika hears them. She says its wrong, I won’t allow this happen, i’m able to inform the reality. Rajjo scolds her. She asks Benny to get geared up and are available while she calls. He says completed.

Happu is prepared with the plaster. Amma says commissioner will consider your lie. He says I want this occurs, else i’m able to lose job. Malaika argues with Rajjo. Happu scolds Malaika. Rajjo says Malaika needs to tell fact to commissioner.

Precap: Commissioner hears his ringtone. He says my cellphone is lost, it means its right here. Katori issues.


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