Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Happu asking shall I truely smash my leg then. Malaika says no, i can smash your leg. He shouts Amma. Rajjo and Amma take Malaika and lock her as much as stop her from telling reality. Malaika shouts. Katori receives unhappy and calls Kamlesh. She tells his issues to him. He says sorry, i will’t pay attention nicely by means of this phone, I want to pay attention you on the new telephone, sorry i’m able to’t talk to you, bye for your old smartphone. She receives angry. Commissioner comes to meet Happu. He asks Rajjo how is Happu. She says he isn’t properly, he’s just lying at the bed, what is going to occur now, with whom will I dance. He says it means you both dance too, how did the coincidence manifest. She says just like he told you, come and meet him, the entirety is expecting you. She acts to cry. Benny receives dressed as a physician.

Happu greets commissioner. Amma asks commissioner to see Happu’s damaged leg. Benny says Happu can never walk once more. He introduces himself to commissioner. Commissioner receives convinced through speaking to Happu’s own family. Amma asks him to consume much less food, due to the fact that he has end up very fat. Commissioner goes.

Kamlesh calls on the new number. The smartphone jewelry inside the plaster. Commissioner hears the ringtone and springs back. He says its my misplaced telephone ringtone, it way its here. Happu sees his plaster. He says don’t realize how the sound is coming. Katori concerns. Commissioner is going to check out. Kamlesh calls again. Katori says a phone is hidden for your plaster. Happu says that’s why I idea why my phone is vibrating. Katori says Kamlesh gave me the cellphone. Happu says I won’t spare him. Amma says get the phone out rapid. They get rid of the plaster. Commissioner comes lower back. He says smartphone isn’t out, i will get an amazing doctor for Happu, we are able to take a 2nd opinion. Happu attempts to forestall him. Commissioner calls the medical doctor Udaas and asks him to return to Happu’s house to test him.

Udaas says I understand his cope with, i can come. Happu starts acting. everybody worries to get the phone out of the plaster. Commissioner seems at them. Kamlesh says Katori didn’t select up my call, i will call you once more. Malaika struggles and wants to get loose. Commissioner says as soon as I trap the smartphone thief, I won’t spare him. The cellphone jewelry again. Commissioner says my cellphone is ringing. Amma says i’m able to’t listen well. Commissioner asks them to check. Happu asks shall I arise, you’re blaming me for theft. Kamlesh cries and says she isn’t answering my name. Rajjo says Happu can do some thing however not robbery. Commissioner asks what some thing? She seems at Happu. He says she is joking, she approach i’m able to come overdue and ask for vacation, but i can’t thieve some thing. Commissioner says I m now not saying this, however the sound is coming from here. Benny says Happu didn’t do any robbery. Commissioner says high-quality, allow the smartphone ring now, i will test it. Ranveer sings meri awaaz hi…..

Precap: Amma says I suppose the sound is coming from outdoor. Commissioner says you pressured me. He asks can i use your rest room. Happu issues.


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