Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Happu telling Rajjo that he’s going to not talk to useless guy Beni and is going. Rajjo kicks his motorcycle and asks Beni to head inside. Hritik asks Malaika if she isn’t always feeling anything. Malaika says dadi and mummy are not preventing, the whole lot is pleasant. Hritik says didn’t you observe how mummy is speakme to Papa? Ranbir says who will ask her, she will be able to slap us. Chamchi says even i’m feeling bad and the massive thing is Dadi isn’t scolding mummy. Malaika says chidiya ghar is full of surprises. Hritik says this is taking place since the day when Papa returned home from Beni’s residence. Malaika says Mummy and Dadi are clever and will no longer let their plan uncovered. Ranbir and Chamchi tell that they could’t help him. Malaika says how you may divulge the plan now.

Happu sees Commissioner with bandage on his eyes. He says i will make arrangement for you. Commissioner says i am fit. Happu says when the humans is aware of about then you they back down. Commissioner says i can make preparations for haryali and asks him to expose all the record. Happu says with one eye. Commissioner leaves. Happu sits at the chair. Manohar questions him. Happu answers him. Rajjo comes there and talks to him like his buddy. Happu asks why did you come here? Rajjo says i used to be bored at domestic so idea to play with happuwa. Manohar asks them to play teenpatti. Rajjo asks him to get chakna. Manohar goes. Happu asks what took place to you and says why are you speakme like this right here. Rajjo says you cry a lot and says she asked for chakna with tea and asks him to enjoy life. Happu asks her to go domestic. Rajjo says you could’t do anything in life instead of peeling the ghuya. Manohar brings Chakna and asks where is she?

Beni waits for Happu and hears him ingesting with Rajjo. He receives sad and sings sad song. Happu additionally sings music. Benni signs and symptoms tune. Rajjo asks Happu why is he playing antakshiri. Happu says he is trying to mention that he isn’t always laid low with my absence. He tells Rajjo that he could have birthday party along with her. Beni says when you have Rajjo then i’ve Vimlesh with him. Beni acts as Vimlesh is with him and beverages wine. Rajjo doesn’t drink and throws the wine. Happu asks Rajjo to deliver lemon. Beni says i have and asks shall I throw one for your side. Happu says I don’t want even water from your house. They argue. Happu says i’ve my suitable friend rajesh with me. Rajjo says Beni is mad and may throw stone on us.

Happu says you said right and says we will drink in room. Amma is dealing with one of the babies and taking note of song. Rajjo comes and holds her from in the back of. Amma switches off the radio and says lalla is in my lap. Rajjo says she came to provide properly information and appreciates her idea. She says considering that I befriended him, he forgot Beni. Rajjo says I hate Beni. Amma says I kicked Beni like men from happu’s father’s existence. She says you’ve got simply stored beni to facet, and shall take care of his other pals. Rajjo says i will make him get rid of his other pals too. Happu hears them and says Rajjo conspired to split beni and me. She is a superb player. Amma says happu shall not recognize about our plan. Rajjo says I threw such a trap that he is being attentive to me. Happu says i will show you what’s infantile friendship. Amma asks her not to be over assured. Rajjo says ok.

Later in the night time, Happu wakes up and thinks she is asking innocent, but is very smart. He thinks to tell Beni. He silently gets up to go.

Precap: Happu asks Rajjo to do his setting with Karishma being his appropriate friend. Rajjo gets taken aback.


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