Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with commissioner looking for the telephone. Happu lies to him. Dr. Udaas comes domestic. Ritik stops him. Udaas says Happu is already troubling, he must have damaged bones of entire frame, allow me pass in. Ritik says Chamchi fell down when we were playing, come, she isn’t capable to walk. He says however I need to see Happu. he is taking Ritik with him and says that’s Chamchi in surprise. Udaan asks what came about. Ritik signs her. She dances. Udaas says she is dancing. Ritik says she is in surprise so she is dancing like mad. Udaas says its critical, i’ve to check her. Ritik says exceptional, visit bed room and test, Happu shouldn’t know, else i’m able to get scolded, come. he takes him to Benny’s residence. Kamlesh says Katori is gambling with my coronary heart as a football. He cries. Malaika struggles to get free.

Kamlesh comes there and shouts Katori come out. Katori runs. Commissioner says I suppose Katori wrote all english on Happu’s plaster.

Kamlesh threatens to drink poison. Katori stops him. He asks why didn’t you answer my calls. She says you’re my satisfactory pal. He says you cracked my heart. She says no, please try to apprehend my problem, don’t drink any poison. She tells the tale of Happu’s lie. Commissioner asks can i use your toilet. Happu worries. He thinks Malaika is there. Commissioner asks the problem. Kamlesh doesn’t blame Katori and calls her a liar. She cries and says I m not a liar. She runs and gets rid of Happu’s plaster. She gets the telephone from the plaster. anyone gets shocked. She takes the cellphone and runs out. Commissioner stares at Happu and Amma. Katori asks Kamlesh to call her now. They speak on cellphone and laugh. Commissioner and anybody come. Katori says Kamlesh proficient me this phone.

Kamlesh says I got this phone on the street. Happu says what can i say. Malaika comes and exposes Happu’s lie. She says Amma and Rajjo planned this. Amma tells about couple dance opposition. They apologize. Benny receives a name and says opposition got cancelled. Happu asks them to bounce alone now, in view that he has lost his task. Commissioner receives rat poison from Kamlesh. Kamlesh says no, that is cold espresso, you can additionally attempt it. Katori asks coffee? Commissioner says i’m able to punish Happu. Udaas gets past due due to youngsters. Commissioner says i can’t forgive Happu. Malaika asks him to punish anyone. Happu says try to forgive me. Commissioner says you lied to me, your punishment is, you have to dance with your mum and wife. They smile. Happu says it method you have got forgiven me. Commissioner says you did this for family’s happiness, so its first-rate. Benny tells commissioner that Vimlesh is his lover. He asks him to invite Happu to help him. Happu is of the same opinion. He dances together with his family on Yaad aa raha hai….

Amma sits consuming. She says I pass over your dad less once I drink. Her husband asks her not to drink tons. Happu gets praising Rajjo. Amma throws water on his face and says i have thrown it by means of mistake. He says I understood my mistake. Amma says inform me, you love me the most. Happu says i love you the most. She smiles.

Precap: Chamchi says Rajjo asked dad who he loves the most, dad took her call. Amma gets angry.


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